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Sewing Ironing Mat Product Review by Sophie

Hi, guys! 

It's me Sophie from again. I'm here for the second time, but first time being a product tester for Minerva Crafts. I have been very fortunate and been reviewing a new Ironing Mat from Prym.

The testing period couldn't have come at a better time. I have been struggling a bit with my ironing setup as it is now and trying to figure out what I could do about it. The solution was simple - an ironing mat instead of a board! So here is my setup before the mat.


I got this uneven ironing board made out of tree at a second-hand store. I unscrewed it from its metal frame and put it on top of a dresser where I store my fabric to save space. The board wobbles a lot and I can’t use the pointed end of the board for sleeves. To fix that I purchased a sleeve board (which I love!), but that doesn’t fix my wobbly problems. The board takes up space where I intentionally want to have my other pressing necessities, like the pressing ham and sleeve board. That is before I got this Iron Sheet from Prym!

The sheet is measured to be 50 cm x 92 cm. It’s a little big for my dresser, but I make it work. The mat is printed with metric measurements, which is perfect for me in Norway. This has been very helpful for when I sew pockets on my dresses at exactly 10 cm from the raw edge of the skirt. The mat also has 30-45-60 (and of course 90) degree angles if you need it, I personally haven’t been using it yet.

The backing of the mat is this silver heat resisting backing. I have tried using it with the highest heat option on my iron with steam over one area. The result was that some steam did come through and the dresser got wet. I wiped it away, waited for it to cool completely, then I repeated the ironing with the same heat, but less steam - nothing came through!

On one side of the ironing mat, there is three pouch pockets, one removable pocket attached by velcro and a pincushion. It is great for storing small items related to ironing. In the first pocket, I have my plastic point turner and embroidery scissors (don’t worry, the pocket is big and the pointer and scissors are always inside the pocket, I just pulled them up for the picture for those of you worrying for my safety). The second pocket I have my bias binding makers and the last one I have some markers and a loop turner.

The downside about the pockets is that bigger or more items will weigh the mat down making it slide of the dresser or whatever you put it on. I have to put my iron on top of the mat so it stays there.

All in all, I’m very happy with the ironing mat. It uses my dressers space to the max without taking up too much space and it does its job. If you didn’t know, it is currently on sale so head on over and put it in your shopping cart.

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