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Slinky Satin Dressmaking Fabric Review by Cynthia

Punched slinky Satin Dressmaking Fabric. This is a slippery fabric to work with, but it has the most wonderful drape and fluidity. 

This beautiful slinky fabric and oh the surface design – partially punched out circles all over this gorgeous fabric! For me red was drawing me in, I had to have some!! So certainly, I acquired several meters….my heart flip flopped numerous times in anticipation of touching it and deciding what to make with this fabric.

I had to think about this after all there were holes all over it – would I use it as a design layer for a pillow, a shawl, I could surely see a lined evening bag - made from it, what would I make??

Then it hit me, a blouse, yes, a blouse that wrapped – partially lined, it would be so beautiful!!! Now that I knew what I wanted to make, I set out to determine what pattern I would use? I liked Simplicity 2369, but I wasn’t sold on it either. I am going to have to create my own design from mashing up pieces and parts of separate patterns. I began searching until I settled on my final choice the body of Simplicity 2369 with the sleeves of Kwik Sew 3582, I needed to work through the design of the pieces I would use.

I had determined my design and now I needed to move forward with the layout, now I wanted to think about any special considerations; and there was at least one. I needed o be thoughtful about how I laid out the pattern pieces for cutting, to make sure as few of the punch outs were along the seam edge as possible. That was going to prove challenging!! But I’d get there….

Let the sewing begin!! There were some challenges sewing with this fabric, as it’s slinky slippery-ness made it necessary to go slow and check often that it was not rolling up on itself under the needle.

Let’s mark the progress…

Honestly speaking, this fabric is beautiful and provides such interesting design elements with the punch out surface design. Plan well your project, from its design to placement of the pattern pieces to cut, as well as how to finish off your hems – all these elements will be important for a finished project.

Enjoy your next sewing project, try something different, try this gorgeous Fabric!!!!!

Cynthia @ The Needle and Thread Shed

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