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Soft & Silky

This Dress Fabric is as soft & silky as it looks! The unusual hole punched design adds an interesting effect to this polyester satin. It’s weight drapes well but still feels very floaty!

At 60” wide it’s great value and comes in some lovely colours. For this opportunity to review I choose the festive Ruby Red, which is a great vibrant shade, and knew it would work well for a tunic style blouse to wear over a little vest top and jeans. I opted for New Look Sewing Pattern 6471 with it’s long full  sleeves gathered onto cuffs and a lower back hem.

The punched holes are approximately 2cm wide and are spaced in columns 4 to 5cms apart. The way in which the holes are made produces a small flap, rather than an open hole, which all go in the same direction.  I cut out pattern with then running down the fabric so they naturally closed as flatly as possible on the finished garment

By using a simple shaped pattern with only three main pieces I managed to cut the pieces avoiding to many holes on the edges……but the bias cut strips needed for the neck and cuff edges were a little more tricky so I ended up using matching satin bias instead.

I cut each pattern piece from a single layer so I could check position of the holes and I also omitted the centre back seam. Instead I opted for a short opening with a continuous lap placket made from the bias.

This fabric was a bit slippery to cut but with plenty of pins and a little patience it was worth the effort. It stitched together neatly using a fine machine needle and sew-all thread.

Checking that the flap section of each hole was kept in position along the edges meant  that they laid neatly in the seam lines. To do this I found it best to hand baste the seams together before stitching.

To gather along the neck and sleeve edges I used two rows of a long machine stitch then pulled up to match position markers on neck/cuff strips. This gave neat even gathers and the fabric is light enough not to feel at all bulky in theses areas.

I love the the finished result. It feels great to wear and I received lots of compliments on its first outing to work!

This fabric feels almost silk like. Although it’s light it’s got enough weight to hang well making if ideal for blouses, skirts and dresses. As the fabric moves it allows glimpses through the holes so would look great lined in a contrast fabric too.  

Thanks for reading,

Nicky @ Sew and Snip

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