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Style Arc Georgie Stretch Jeans Sewing Pattern Review by Nicky

Style Arc Sewing Patterns are new to me and looking though the range I’ve seen a great selection of basic and creative looks. Excited by such a choice I decided to look at what was needed in my wardrobe and trousers instantly sprung to the top of the list.

The Georgie Stretch Woven Jean Pattern caught my eye with its jeans styling and elasticated pull on waist. It’s classed as suitable for a medium skilled sewer and requires a stretch woven fabric so I felt this would be an ideal for my first try at fitted trousers.

The pattern comes in the form of one large printed sheet with all pattern pieces and the somewhat minimal looking instructions.

As suggested by the pattern I choose this stretch Bengaline Fabric. With a fine stripe running across the wide width (58”) and the stretch lengthways the fabric was perfect to cut the trousers with the pinstripes running the length of the leg and the maximum stretch around the garment.

The Bengaline is a polyester, viscous and spandex mix. I think it has about 25% stretch & recovers well when it has been stretched. It’s machine washable and I prewashed at 40’.

The pattern shows the pattern measurements, for a size 10 with details of the difference between sizes, but does not show a chart of body measurements so I took a look at their website to find this.

Tracing the pattern onto paper was straight forward as they are clearly drawn, colour coded and the shapes aren’t too fiddly!

No layout plans are suggested but the pattern pieces are clearly marked with straight grain and maximum stretch lines, it is very important to transfer these to your copy, and the number of pieces to cut are listed in the instructions.

Double check that the stretch direction is correct before cutting (I was sure I had but still got one piece wrong & had to recut…luckily it was a small bit!) I used tailor tacks to transfer marking, such as placement of back pockets, to the fabric pieces.

Although there are only 5 construction diagrams I found the written step by step easy to follow. Using a 1cm seam allowance (included) the jeans came together during a snowy morning of sewing. The most fiddly bit was constantly changing the machine needle to do the twin needle top stitching. This is optional but helps give that traditional Jeans feel.

I did stitch one of the smaller parts with two separate lines instead.

Overall I’m very happy with my Georgie Jeans. They have a nice high waistband that sits comfortably up to the natural waistline and a narrow leg shape. I cut a straight size 10 and feel the fit is true to size.

The Style Arc Pattern allowed me to achieve the garment that looks just like the picture on the front and I found it suitable for my sewing ability. I think I may have found it a little daunting to have such a minimal amount of diagrams if I was new to sewing but the written part was broken down into small steps which would help.

This won’t be the only time I use this pattern and it’s definitely a pattern range I will look at again in the future. Happy Sewing :) :)

Nicky @ Sew and Snip

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