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Sweetheart Rose Maker Product Review by Nicky

Fabric roses are a great way to use up scraps of Fabric, make co-ordinating accessories or add a feature to a make. This Clover Rose Maker plate helps you create them with ease. I chose to test the medium size which helps make roses approximately 2” across using strips of fabric approx 4” x15”. Lightweight and fine fabrics are recommended. I have used a polycotton in these details with some examples of ones I’ve made using organza and cotton sateen at the end.

The rose maker pack consists of a pattern, which has two layers, a hairpin (yes I have written that right it is a normal hairpin!) and a detailed instruction leaflet. In addition to that you will need 2 pins and a needle & thread.

The pattern needs to be unfolded to start with and you will see it flattens out to two strips which are used to sandwich the fabric between. There are holes at each end of the strip so you can pin the layers together to secure the fabric.

When you use the Rose Maker you will see that their main instructions show the fabric facing the opposite way up to how I’ve put it but in the advanced hints section it describes how to make so you can hide the seam/raw edge; this is the method I’m using as it gives a much neater finish.

From the end that says start you simply fold in direction of arrow and stitch through both layers of the seam allowance, using a running stitch, up to the first point. Try to keep the stitches even and leave a little space from edge of pattern so you don’t catch the pattern piece as well!

Carry on folding and stitching each section as you go until the last piece. Remove needle from thread but leave hanging loose.

At this point the pins are removed and the outer template can lift off.

Flattening the fabric slightly the section inside the tube of fabric is also removable.

Now time to turn the fabric through to the right way.

The final edge should now have its seam allowances turned inwards and the opening closed with a ladder stitch using the same length of thread as before. This thread will be used to gather up the rose.

Gather the fabric by pulling the thread. The rose effect will vary depending on the tightness of gathers.

Once gathered place hairpin on end you started the sewing and gently wind the fabric around it.

When wound use the thread to secure the gathers and sew through base of rose to hold in position before removing the hairpin.

This Rose Maker seems a little fiddly when you read the instructions but once you try it and see how it easily folds into place you’ll see it’s a great idea for a quick and portable project, in fact I was making them on the train for these pics!

I particularly like the ones I made using the Organza Fabric and these are now glued to a hair clip ready to wear :)

Happy flower making, 

Nicky @ Sew N Snip

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