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Sweetheart Rose Maker Review by Ali

So today I’ve been having fun making fabric rosebuds with this cute little Sweetheart Rose Maker from Minerva Crafts!

I chose the smallest size in the set and it makes very delicate roses which are more like rosebuds. I think it would be wonderful to have a couple of these rose makers in different sizes and combine the finished items into a beautiful rose bouquet!

The packet contains the template and a winding clip to make the roses, you just need to choose the fabric, the thread and a needle. I’d recommend a long thin needle which would save time sewing it up as you could get several stitches on it in one go and sew a side at a time. There is a comprehensive instruction sheet, which at the first reading made me think I’d never manage to follow it and actually make something! However, once I began to read it and make up the flower at the same time it became much clearer!

It’s quite fiddly laying out the fabric onto the pattern templates and cutting round it if, like me, you choose slippy Organza Fabric and have arthritis!! But persevere because it’s worth it and it does get easier the more you make!

Once your fabric is on the template you create the rose by making a series of folds in the template, which takes up the fabric with it. You sew along the fabric in the direction of the folds until you have sewn it into a folded up pentagon shape. This is also quite fiddly and so Clover Wonder Clips come in very handy here to help hold things together. If you don’t have any I’d recommend buying them at the same time as the Sweetheart Rose Maker.

The Wonder Clips are also useful for holding small flimsy pieces of organza together when you’re layering up different colours or fabrics! Here I decided to layer two different shades of pink using organza and tulle.

My first rose came out not too bad to look at from the front, but the underneath and sides are rather messy. Again the Clover Wonder clips are good for holding the rose top together while you sew through the sides and middle to secure the shape.

I think using the same coloured thread as the fabric would help to keep the roses looking neater and give a more professional finish. I tried some green embroidered lacey trim from my stash and I think it made a very pretty flower, as did layering up different shades of cream, teal and lilac organza and tulle.

I definitely got neater with the later ones compared to the first pink one as you can see from the ‘warts and all’ back view!!

One way of concealing the underneath part is to use some other fabric, I used green tulle, and wrapped it around the rosebud to give the suggestion of foliage or to just make it into a posy.

These rosebuds make pretty decorations for garments, I think this pale pink one sits beautifully on this fairy dress. They would look equally attractive on the brim of a crocheted or knitted hat too.

Once I had a few made I sewed them onto a piece of linen by sewing one on in an upright position and then sewing each rose to the next with the thread running through the middles horizontally until I had a little stand of flowers. It just needed a couple of bits of tulle round the outside to finish it off and it made a very delicate table decoration. Imagine a linen table runner with posies sewn into it at intervals along the table - wouldn’t it be amazing as wedding decorations?

There are lots of uses for these roses: adding them as decoration to bags as well as clothes, combining with natural foliage to make seasonal wreaths, gathered into posies on christmas table linen. I also think they’d attach very well to the branches of a Christmas tree and would look stunning in colours to co-ordinate with your living room! It’s not too early to start preparing your handmade Christmas or your wedding!

Ali @ The Patchwork Fairy

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