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The Habico Mini Iron Review by Mel

Pressing is so important when Sewing, in fact I’d say that it’s equally as important as the Sewing itself, and there is so much pressing involved when making a garment.

Our family iron is a huge steam iron, with a separate water tank, it’s a great iron and presses really well, but it’s so heavy and takes up so much space! 

My large steam iron is way too big to use in my sewing room, and it’s too heavy to move about, so when I’m sewing something I have to keep going from one room to the other to sew the seams etc, so ok the room is only next door, but its a faff and is so annoying when you are in the sewing zone.

When Minerva Crafts provided the opportunity to review the Habico Mini Iron, I thought that it would be perfect for my dilemma, just look how tiny it is in comparison to my family iron!

So let me tell you a little bit about the features of this mini iron. It’s a steam iron, so it has a little water reservoir to hold the water, as its a little bit small and fiddly, it comes with a handy little jug to fill it.

You can switch the steam on and off via the steam button, so for the times when you don’t want to steam e.g when pressing interfacing, you can simply switch it off.

It has variable heat settings just like a standard iron, meaning that you can adjust the heat dependant upon the fabric that you are using.

It does have a two pin plug so you need to ensure that you buy an adapter if necessary ie if like me you are in the UK.

The first project that I made using the mini iron was a Liberty of London tana lawn dress, so I set it to the maximum heat setting. When I switched it on I was surprised at how quickly it was ready to use, literally seconds (a little light flashes until it’s hit the correct temperature) which is so much quicker than my large iron as this takes a couple of minutes to heat up (the longest 2 minutes ever when you just want to crack on with your sewing).

What I also noticed was how well balanced and sturdy the iron is, it very easily stands up and does not wobble about or fall over, which surprised me.

It’s very light weight and comfortable to use which is also great.

I used my large steam iron to press the fabric before cutting out the pattern, but then for the construction steps I only used the mini iron in order to test just how good it is.

The dress that I was sewing required the following construction pressing;

- pressing seams open

- setting seams

- applying iron on interfacing

- pressing facings to give neat edges

- pressing hems

- pressing tie belts

If I am honest, I was totally surprised at how well this mini iron performed, I was expecting it to be a little bit like the travel irons that I used years ago when going on holiday, but it was nothing like that at all, it “steamed” through all the tasks at hand with ease.

The heat level was good and the plate glided smoothly. It didn’t steam constantly, and there is not a steam jet button, but I found that if you lift the iron up vertically, and then back down horizontal it lets out a jet of steam, but also remember that it only has a small water tank so you must re-fill it quite regularly.

I also found that it was great when pressing small ares such as sleeve hems as due to its small size it fitted in all the nooks and crannies, which is really difficult to do with a big iron.

It worked really well for pressing the seams open as it gives you great control.

It also worked well when attaching iron on interfacing, I did put a pressing cloth on top (as you always should with interfacing) and it fused perfectly without wrinkling.

It was also great for pressing small areas such as the dress belt, again this was due to having good control over the area that was being pressed.

I did have to be careful to ensure that I unplugged the iron when I’d finished as it does not have an auto shut off feature, my large iron has this function so my brain does not automatically think to unplug after use.

I honestly cannot fault the mini iron, it pressed really well during the construction stages of my dress and was super handy to have at hand, ready to use in an instant, and even better it does not take up much space at all in my sewing room.

In my opinion, every sewer needs a Mini Iron in their lives!

It certainly helped me to sew up this dress like a dream.

Thanks again to Minerva for the opportunity to test this wonderful piece of kit.

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Jane Hakes said:

I couldn't find this on the Minerva website but I did find a Prym iron that looks IDENTICAL. Is it the same? · 10th Feb 2018 11:59pm

Susan Parkinson said:

Great review- I??m go8ng to invest in this little iron soon. By the way, I love Theresa. Where can I get the pattern? · 10th Feb 2018 01:45pm