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Tropical Leaf Print 70s Daniel Hechther Butterick 6832 by Vasi

Hello everyone, this is Vasi and my first product review for Minerva Crafts.
There’s a certain escapism in most of the things I do and sewing is no exception. When Vicki sent through an e-mail asking for people to review a tropical leaf print Viscose Fabric, I just thought: yes please! Not just because viscose is one of my favourite fabrics to work with, but also because that print had me dreaming. 
I found its perfect match in the 70s Daniel Hechther Butterick 6832 and in my escapist dream this tropical dress was walking among the white washed houses of a Greek island a September evening, when the temperature would have dropped a bit and you wouldn’t have minded this lovely fabric caressing your skin. 
As I was away when the e-mail came through, I had no idea how much fabric the pattern required, so I asked for 3 metres, which I then discovered was less than what I needed, but with a bit of unorthodox creative cutting, I managed to fit everything in. I also shortened the skirt, so some more centimetres were gained this way. 
At first glance (I mean prior to sewing) this viscose is just beautiful. The print is very elegant and the tan version makes it even more exotic. It feels soft to the skin with an almost cooling effect. It drapes really well so it would be perfect for long or short flowy dresses, loose blouses, kaftans, tops and the summer weather of the UK. 
On the Minerva website there is a mention of possible 10% shrinkage after washing, but unfortunately I didn’t measure the fabric before and after washing, so I will not be able to comment. However, since I managed to fit everything on the length I had, I’m assuming that the shrinkage if any, is unnoticeable. What is noticeable though, is how easy it is to cut the fabric, as it’s not slippery at all and the fraying is minimal. I finished the raw edges with my overlocker.
In terms of creasing, although it presses really well and holds the press, it doesn’t easily crease. This is what it looks like when it comes out of the washing machine. 
The pattern I chose calls for gathering on the bodice, the sleeves and the waist both front and back. Gathers scare me, I can never get them to behave and although these aren’t perfect either, I think the quality of the fabric helped a lot with evening them out and achieving a much smoother effect than previous attempts. 
Another sewing fear of mine is buttonholes and this dress has a lot of them. The fact that I also didn’t measure correctly between the buttons (this is what happens when you sew in the middle of the night) meant I had to add even more to eliminate gaping. I used very thin interfacing on the buttonhole band, also from Minerva Crafts purchased some time ago and it worked perfectly well with the weight of this fabric. The buttonholes aren’t very good or at least not all of them, but despite the fact that the layer of fabric and interfacing isn’t really thick, the fabric remained intact as opposed to crumbling during sewing the buttonhole.
I decided to use fabric covered buttons, which turned out marvellous but slightly too big to fit through the tiny buttonholes I made, so I used them only on the sleeves and found some grey ones for the front.
I didn’t attempt any pattern matching because I didn’t have enough fabric on the one hand and the pattern on the fabric is so busy on the other, that I didn’t consider it necessary. The disadvantage of a busy pattern is that it is really hard to photograph any of the details but on the plus it’s an excellent camouflage for some unintentional design features.
Overall, I loved this fabric and the dress it became. At £2.99/metre and in a selection of five different colours, it begs to be purchased. As for the dress, it begs to be worn, so I may not wait until the next Greek island to take it out.
For anyone who would like to see some of my past sewing adventures, I blog at but I'm more often on Instagram under the same name. Vicki, thank you for giving me the opportunity to play with such a beautiful fabric.

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Thimberlina said:

Vasi you look stunning! The style of the dress and fabric is perfect for you! · 28th Sep 2017 09:36pm