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Wendy Ward Book Review by Naomi

Hi, I’m Naomi and usually blog over at Naomi Sews.  I have been very excited to test out this new book from Wendy Ward. In the winter, I seem to sew almost exclusively with knit fabrics, so it’s always great to have some new inspiration, patterns and tips. The book contains some basic patterns, but also lots of ideas and information about how to adapt them, so if you have never considered making changes to your patterns, this might be a good place to start.
I am currently 5 months pregnant, so many of the patterns in the book were never going to fit terribly well without some drastic alterations, so I decided to keep things simple and test out the Kinder cardigan. I may have said that the patterns included are basic, but that doesn’t mean that they are lazy. This cardigan is impeccably drafted, and the finishing is beautiful.
One of the parts that I was most pleased with was the point where the front collar meets the hem. In the instructions it has you enclose the collar in the hem which means when you turn it all back out the right way, this seam is all tidy both inside and out.
There is also lots of great advice about choosing fabric and techniques. I particularly like that the book details the fabrics used in all the samples, so you can look for something similar. This is particularly helpful if you do most of your fabric shopping online like I do. It can be very disappointing when the fabric you order doesn’t quite match your expectations. I chose this Ponte Roma Fabric ‘Denim Blue’ based on one of the samples in the book which is almost a coatigan. The fabric is a lovely saturated colour, super soft and a nice stable knit, so easy to work with.
One of the techniques discussed at the start of the book is which stitch to use for different uses. I decided to use a triple zigzag for my pockets and hems, and I really like it as a little decorative detail. The instructions for the patterns are really clear too. They direct you to techniques elsewhere in the book when there is more detail to be had.
I generally like to be able to close my cardigans, so I added a little snap into the neckband.  In hindsight, the snap is a little small, and would also have benefited from interfacing that section of neckband to stabilise it too.  Next time, I would add a bit of knit interfacing into the neckband before installing it, and maybe use a bigger statement button as the closure.
This cardigan is well fitted through the shoulders but is fairly oversized in the sleeve and body.  I love the massive pockets! It is great for a casual weekend cover up and fits over and around the bump nicely.  I am pretty sure I am going to be wearing this open right up until the baby arrives, which is great, and I will be able to continue wearing it afterwards too.  Sounds like a perfect pattern to me!
Thanks for readng,
Naomi @ Naomi Sews

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