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0 Days Since I Last Wore Gingham

Hi, my name is Andie Wells and I am a gingham addict. It’s been 0 days since I last wore gingham.

It’s absolutely no secret that I love gingham. I gravitate toward it in every fabric store and if it’s also seersucker fabric well…. I am just head over heels in love and need to get all the colours. I feel that way about this fabric. I’m completely head over heels in love with it. This is Gingham Seersucker Fabric in lilac. It has little flowers printed on it giving the appearance of embroidered flowers. The colour is everything. I’m a big fan of any shade of purple. I’ve been searching for a lilac gingham for a while and jumped on the chance to scoop this one up. Just a head’s up, use a pressing cloth for this fabric. The printed flowers are a bit like non-slip socks so don’t let the iron run smoothly over them. However, the fabric presses really nicely when you use a press cloth.

A sundress is a great pairing for this fabric or any gingham. I made the Cashmerette Holyoke Dress. I prefer shorter skirts though, so I shortened the skirt pieces significantly to get knee length. I am 5’3” so I took close to 15 inches off in a completely inaccurate and quick method of folding it out of the pattern. Sometimes you just have to go with what is quick. I made a size 24 GH graded to a size 26 at the waist. The only other alteration I made was to move the back straps slightly in to cover my bra straps.

The fit is almost 100% perfect. For my next version, because there will be many (and possibly several in gingham), I am going to address the slight puckers on the princess seam apex by smoothing out that line a bit. My bust is more rounded than the bust type the pattern is drafted for. The other adjustment I will make is to shorten the bodice slightly at the centre front. As you can see there is a slight fold because of a bit of excess fabric. Both of these adjustments are so minor though. It’s such a treat to be able to sew a pattern and get this sort of fit without alterations or a bunch of muslins.

Construction-wise, this pattern is super easy to make. The faux button placket and elastic back make it super comfortable to wear. Because of the vintage vibe of this outfit, I chose to finish all my seams with pinking sheers. I can see myself having a picnic in the park in this dress with a fancy vintage picnic set sitting on a handmade quilt. I just have to make the quilt! Haha.

I just love this dress/ The fabric definitely makes it perfect. Now for the big question: Are you addicted to gingham, too?

Thanks for reading,

Andie @ Sew Pretty in Pink

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