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2 for 1!

I'm back. This time with a 2 for 1. I made the Avery Leggings by Helen's Closet and the Durango Tank by Hey June. Both are great basics made from Cotton Spandex Jersey Fabric. Totally not meant to be worn together. I'm going to first talk about the leggings. 
I immediately knew I wanted to make leggings when I saw the cotton spandex jersey. I wear leggings all the time as a teacher, under dresses and tunics. I have RTW leggings in black, grey, navy, and some patterns. For awhile, I've wanted leggings in dark green and a burgundy, but it's been hard to get it on my sewing list.
Originally I was going to make Simplicity 8212 or Simplicity 8424 as I already owned them. The main reason I chose the Avery Leggings instead is because there is no outside seam. My favorite RTW yoga pants have no outside seam. I also didn't want to fuss with the Big 4 extra ease.
It was super easy to sew up and is now my tried and true leggings pattern. I want them in all the colors. The pattern calls for fabric with at least 70% stretch in both directions. Using Helen's method for checking stretch, this fabric has 70-75% one way and about 65% the other way. I assumed such a small % short wouldn't matter, and I was correct. I love the tightness of these. I would classify the jersey as a midweight, which is good because I don't have to worry too much about my underwear showing through.
Although I mostly use leggings for under dresses, I wanted to test them as yoga pants. Yoga is about the only workout I like. These passed with flying colors. Super comfortable, didn't move around. Perfect fabric/pattern combo.
I did want to mention a small problem I had when making these. I have quite a bit of skipped stitches when I under stitched the elastic. This happened because I needed a new needle. You can see the difference of the stitching in the photo below where the elastic is and where the waistband attaches. 
I sewed up a size medium, view A with view B length. I also want to show a picture of what the gusset looks like. It's a little fussy to do, but not too bad.
Alright, let's move to the Durango Tank. The Avery leggings call for less fabric than the Simplicity pattern does since it has no outside seam. Thus I had extra fabric leftover. The Durango Tank is a free pattern by Hey June. I've seen it made up by some and I've been wanting to give it a go.
Everything sewed up easily except the armhole binding. In case you don't know, taught means to stretch... not like I made that mistake....
Initially I didn't stretch the binding, and I had waves all over the place, with nothing laying flat. I was a good sewist and unpicked it all, stretched it and sewed it up. it was so much better, but I did still have some waviness. I then steamed it, and fixed it all up.
I do have a weird pleat on one side, this is my own fault because of all the unpicking and stitching again. You make mistakes when you rush. It doesn't bother me much. 
I sewed up a size 6. When I make this again, I'll leave out the back seam and cut on the fold. I just don't love back seams. This tank would be good in a lighter jersey, I much prefer the weight of this in the leggings. It just feels a bit sturdy for a summer tank. 
Till Next TIme,
Shelby a.k.a HandmadeShelby

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