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Holiday Sarong

Hello again. 
Well since I last was speaking on our blog Vicki and Richard have got married. I am sure you will by now have seen Vicki's blog post of the wedding day and what a wonderful day we had. My 12 weeks of continuous wedding sewing is over! I did enjoy myself very much but I would be lying if I said it all ran smoothly. There were moments when I could have screamed with frustration or cried in anger. However on reflection I think my main problem was I didn't allow myself enough time with the 12 weeks. There was always something interrupting my sewing either a customer query that needed my help or I had to cover for staff on holiday. Now I can honestly say I am not frustrated or angry and am looking forward to sharing plenty of my sewing, knitting and crochet projects with you. I am also hoping to try a few crafts that are new to me. Patchwork and felting being top of the list.
In a few weeks time I am going on holiday. First stop will be Niagra Falls for one night, then on to Las Vegas for 3 nights taking in a trip to the Grand Canyon. Last but not least we then travel to Palm Springs to stay in a beautiful villa. And yes I will have my knitting or crochet with me. I may not even do any but I cant stand the thought of not having anything with me.
Year after year I take the same sarong with me on holiday. I've always said I would never buy another one because lets face it, it is a 1 metre piece of fabric that is 1.5 metres wide, hemmed on all 4 sides. 
Here at Minerva we have a collection of semi sheer fabrics at just £3.99 per metre that are absolutely ideal for sarongs. I have chosen the turquoise fabric probably because I I have just treated myself to some turquoise sandals. 
We have placed these fabrics in a basket near the counter in the Minerva Craft Centre and as I expected are selling well for sarongs. They would also be ideal for beach dresses. Floaty dresses would be quite stunning in these fabrics too but they would require lining. So going back to my sarong I am using about 90cm of fabric because I am quite short but 1mt would be suitable for most people.
My friend who has a pfaff sewing machine like myself has lent me a 4mm rolled hem foot. I've had a go but I need to get used to it first. Cotton is probably the best fabric to use to get used to this foot. I've had a look on YouTube and each video seems to be using cotton so trust me to be using a silky fabric when first trying this foot out! And so I am just turning the fabric under twice approx 1/4" and sewing with a straight stitch this time round. But I'm definitely going to have another try with that foot in the future when I've more time!
Voila, one gorgeous sarong!
Cindy (my friend who loaned me the foot) is having a girl's night in, in October. She is raising money for a school to be rebuilt out in Nepal. At this point in time Cindy has made around 14 bags and other friends have made crochet scarves etc. So while I have been hemming the edges on my sarong I thought why couldn't I do the same with a half metre piece of the fabric and make a silky scarf. I could make quite a few of these when I get back off holiday and donate them to 'Cindy's night'.
And so I've made one scarf so far but until then I am using it alongside my sarong on the dummy in the Minerva Craft Centre as in the photo above. I have tied the sarong at the side and the 'top' at the back. I think it looks pretty good don't you?
Until next time,
Annette xx

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