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A Day in the Village

Hey Ladies and Gents! Have you ever just wanted to have a garment where the fabric speaks for itself? No caption need. No explanation. Well this is that Fabric

When I first saw it I was in love. Then it arrived and life got in the way. My mom took ill, and subsequently pass. So it was a while before I got back to this fabric. I just didn’t have my sew mojo. But slowly it came back, this project was very special to me in that regard because I was getting back to what I loved. So when deciding on a pattern for this print. I pulled out something I had made before. 

New Look 6491 is made for woven fabric. However you can downsize to compensate for the knit. I did not add the zipper because I had used a zigzag stitch at the waist, so the fabric stretch is enough for me to get over my hips. However the next time I make this I think I will add the zipper.

Now let’s talk about the fabric. Since it is a paneled fabric I was trying to make sure my side seams matched up. I made a couple mistakes when cutting out this fabric. And I share them with you so if you work with fabric or any panel pieces you won’t do my same mistakes.

My main mistake was I did not cut the skirts pieces first. Which I should have, since they were the largest pieces. I should have cut them first to make sure they were lined up perfectly. The other pieces were small and would be able to fit in the remaining fabric.

My mistake, led me to get to back pattern piece and not have enough length. So I had the two pieces together. I think it looks okay not perfect but still worthy of a wear.

I wanted to make the bodice cups matched, and couldn’t decide on two options, my two options were these as you can see in the final photos the ones I went with.

Again since this was a panel piece and I had to make a midriff, I went with piece of the fabric that didn’t have a lot of detail, that way, sort of to break up the print. I think this works well.

This I believe is a jersey knit which does curl, as you can see in the photos below, but a nice steam will make it easier to sew with it. I did end up interfacing the midriff, per instructions. But went back and removed it because it was little warped once I stretched the fabric. If had used a zipper I may have left it interfaced.

The cups lining is interfaced as well to give the cup area some support

The only changes I made to this pattern was to add 10 inches width wise, and about 3 inches length wise, because I wanted a really full skirt, it is gathered as you can see below at the midriff area, and I think it looks great.

Oh yea, I did add pockets because what’s a full dress without pockets.

Here are some finished photos of the dress

And of course how I styled it...

As always, Until next time, Sew on!!!

Anna Marie @seams_so_stylish

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Susan Bennett said:

How many metres did you use please · 18th Aug 2019 10:35am