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A Dreamy Wilder Gown

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited for my first Minerva project! My name is Gyasti, and I’m from Los Angeles, California, though I'm originally from Indonesia! I’ve been sewing for about a couple of years, and it has been a really fulfilling and rewarding hobby of mine. Minerva got in touch with me through my instagram (@gyasti), and that’s where I post all of my makes. 

It was a pretty difficult choice to pick my first project, but after looking through Minerva’s collection, I was drawn to this beautiful navy Voile Fabric! I knew right then and there I had to make the Friday Pattern Company’s Wilder Gown! This amazing pattern calls for lightweight, drapey fabrics, and thanks to Minerva, I have the perfect one! The fabric was Square Voile Fabric in Navy. 

This tiered gown has a prairie-chic vibe to it, and though, if you look at my other projects, this is not my usual style, I was excited to challenge myself to something new. This is also one of the reasons why joining the Minerva Maker team was so intriguing to me, it has allowed me to explore more styles of garments, and fabric types! 

This project took about three days to complete, and was a pretty challenging one for me. It was my first time working with voile fabric, and the amount of gathering that I had to do made me very nervous! But the good thing about this pattern is that the seams are mostly straight, so even though I consider myself a beginner, as long as I take my time, I knew I would be fine. 

The Wilder Gown has the most beautiful details, such as the tie neck with split neckline, raglan sleeves, and the relaxed fit. The magic is found in motion with this dress, and I hope I captured it well enough in these pictures. 

I made a size XS, shortened the bodice by 0.5 inch, and the skirt panels by 1 inch. I love how it turned out! You can wear it with the neck untied for a more fashionable night gown look!

I really hope this post inspires you to get this fabric and make this gown! I love the quality of this voile fabric, and the drape is just so dreamy. It is loosely woven, so I suggest to finish the skirt panels using a serger or zig-zag stitch if you can before gathering them. It was fun to make something that’s out of your comfort zone, and you should try it too! 

See you here again soon!


Gyasti @gyasti

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