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A Fancy Frankie

When I saw this Jersey Fabric on-line I thought it was navy with small white spots, when it arrived on my doorstep it turned out to be navy with small silver spots and actually I love it!  It is a good weight, not too light or too heavy. The little spots are different sizes and irregular shapes, more like drops, in fact they remind me of raindrops, they are printed onto the navy base and are a little stiff, but I think they will soften with a few more washes. Oh and they sparkle a little too!
What to make with it though? Well, I had just been given the Tilly and the Button Stretch book as a present and was keen to try one of the patterns from it, so I decided to make a Frankie T-shirt. I considered making a longer tunic length version but decided not to as I need some nice T-shirts in my wardrobe right now and tend to wear tops and jeans more than tunics anyway.
I started by checking the amount of stretch in the fabric as directed in the book on pg 19 (I often neglect to do this but I think in future I will as I have had mixed results with jersey in the past). I worked out that the fabric had around 20% stretch and the pattern requires at least 10% so that was a good start. I traced the pattern onto dressmaking paper (the patterns are all included on large sheets that have their own sleeve in the back of the book), as there are several pattern pieces on one sheet they need tracing off onto separate paper. 
The jersey was easy to work with, it curled a little at the edges, but nothing a few pins can't handle. The T-shirt came together easily, the trickiest part was the neckband, my first attempt didn't turn out well - the neckband piece seemed too small and the bodice and sleeve pieces were gathered up underneath in a few places, so I unpicked it and cut a new neckband piece around 1cm longer. I also decide to turn the fabric inside out so that the wrong side was showing as this would match the sleeve turn ups I was planning and also the fabric would be softer against the skin. My second attempt went in much better and I'm pleased I used the wrong side of the jersey, so that just goes to show that sometimes mistakes work out well! 
I had chosen to make the short sleeved version which was super easy as there is no need to hem the sleeve, you just turn it up and stitch in place. I tried it on and shortened it a little before hemming the bottom. I don't have an overlocker so it was all sewn on my sewing machine with a zigzag stitch. I really like the finished T-shirt, it is a nice fit, comfortable to wear and because of the slight sparkle, a little bit fancy!
If you're interested in seeing more of my makes you can find me on instagram @flowers_and_frolics
Thanks for reading, Zoe

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