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A Lovely Breezy Top!

Hi there! I'm Sewingridd and today I'm showing you this modern, summery top that I made recently. It all started with my love for flower prints. So when I saw this Cotton Fabric, I immediately knew I had to work with it. Don't you recognize that? You really want the fabric, although you're not sure what pattern to use yet.
I'll tell you a little more about the fabric first. I used this poplin fabric in the colour teal. Poplin is just a name for cotton with no stretch, mainly used for shirtmaking. (But our imagination is the only limit, you're the artist, so use it for any garment you like.) One thing to take in account when buying this fabric is the width of this fabric. It is fairly narrow, namely 45" (110 cm). I was happy to have ordered a large quantity, because I ended up using a lot more fabric than I expected. Haha oops, I should have paid attention of course.
So right, when the fabric arrived, the adventure began. I started searching through my huge pile of patterns and it was really hard to pick just one! I considered making a fitted blouse, asymmetrical dress, man's blouse or even shorts. In the end I decided to go for this top by the Dutch sewing magazine Knipmode. It's Top 22 from Knipmode issue 6-2018. A slightly cropped, loose fit top with V-shaped neckline and ruches at the hems. A super modern shape that I loved and wanted to try. 
To me it actually was a whole new experience sewing with plain cotton. I had used it for jeans pockets and details, but never for an entire garment. That's because I often don't like the fit and drape for the items I wear mostly. I have to say, this fabric definitely was a breeze to sew. The fabric just behaves exactly like you tell it to, which is especially perfect for those sewists that may still want to grow their confidence. Or just anyone that likes a quick sew. Or likes cotton. Just for everyone, you could say!
The result is a lovely breezy top! Perfect for the warmer days because the wind blows underneath to cool you down, but you still look well dressed. But this also looks nice with skinny jeans when it's a little colder. So I think I'll wear mine on a regular basis! 
Love, Ingrid

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