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A Navy Sleeveless Waterfall Collar Jacket Makes Everything Look Better

Hello fellow sewing enthusiasts! I am new to the Minerva Makers team and I'm so excited to show and tell about my first project. I have been sewing for almost 9 years and I'm mostly self-taught. I have attended some courses and always tried to learn more. Thanks to YouTube and all kinds of sewing blogs my knowledge about sewing and different techniques keep evolving. 

I like to think that when I blog about my sewing projects, I can teach something and inspire others as well.

When I discovered Minerva I thought it's like a heaven on earth! So many choices, so many beautiful fabrics and it's hard to choose just one. Somehow this navy colour woven Suiting Fabric cried out my name and I knew a jacket or a vest from it would be awesome. The fabric is navy from afar but actually it is a navy and black checkered pattern. I really like that it looks so simple without being plain.

I chose the Hvar jacket pattern by Itch to Stitch because it has an elegant feel to it and a lovely waterfall collar. I planned to make sleeves and I cut them out as well but when I tried the jacket on I wasn't pleased with the look. I thought about how and when I would wear it and I discovered I would rather have a sleeveless jacket than a long sleeved one. I could wear different colour long-sleeve or short sleeve tops under it and I could actually wear it to the rock and metal concerts! I couldn't wear it with long sleeves, it would have been too warm. So I ditched the sleeves and finished armholes with satin bias cut binding.

As the Hvar jacket is meant to be unlined and only the waterfall collar is from double fabric, my jacket is now summer friendly. All the seams inside are finished with my overlocker and it's nice and neat. I could have used Hong Kong seam finish, but I thought it would add too much bulk to this fabric. I'm totally okay with how the inside looks.

When I chose the jacket pattern I was all about the waterfall collar. I thought about how does it stay in place, does it require a special fabric or are there any tricks I don't know about. It does stay in place if I don't jump up and down and twirl around and it doesn't need any special fabrics. But as I was trying out different outfit ideas with my new favorite jacket I discovered it has this chic pointed front hem. It feels like it makes me taller and gives this jacket an overall interesting look.

I enjoyed the feel of this fabric while sewing. It holds well, I can press it on medium heat and it didn't fray as much as I was afraid of. It feels smooth and as I'm not used to sewing all the different lightweight materials, this one was perfect for broadening my sewing skills. Maybe next up will be something lighter and more flowy.

As you can see from my photos this jacket goes very well with jeans and with more formal dress pants. I would love to pair it up with a skirt and with a dress, too. As a navy colour jacket it goes well with almost everything! I wore it to a metal concert the other evening and I was so comfortable. I wore the jacket while out running errands and I felt like I was ready to take on the world. A sewing win for sure!

See you again with the next happy project!

Kadri @kadri_kivistik

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