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A Navy Wrap Dress

Navy and a wrap dress pattern, two things that I really love to create a gorgeous dress! Super stylish, and also super comfortable.

My name is Lisa and this is my first blog for Minerva. I was 9 years old when I first sat behind the sewing machine and made a pincushion with my grandmother. I’ve always been a creative kid doing lots of art projects and going to theatre lessons. A lot of experimenting later I got my first sewing machine when I was 16. Sewing grew to be my biggest outlet of creativity. I’ve been sewing my own day-to-day clothes for about four years now and it’s very addictive! I share my makes on Instagram (@lisa_sews) and on my own blog: sugarspiceanddresses

For my first make I wanted to make something classic, but also something very wearable. Recently I started to love making wrap dresses. It’s a classic style that is very flattering for a lot of body types. In wrap-dress-land I do prefer patterns that allow you to actually tie the dress around you, instead of using snaps to fasten the dress. A dress with ties allows you to tighten or loosen the dress as you wish, making it much more comfortable in my opinion.

The pattern that I used for this dress is the Vogue 8379. I like this pattern because it’s fairly simple, letting the fabric and fit be the hero of the garment. This was the second time I used this pattern. The only thing that I’ve changed between this one and the first one that I’ve made is to add a little length to the skirt as I like mine to be knee length and the previous one hit just above the knee. Being on the taller side, adding length to a skirt is a very common thing for me to do. And luckily an easy adjustment to make.

For the fabric of this dress I’ve used this knitted Punti di Roma from Minerva. This fabric is labeled as “heavy” and it is. Something that I didn’t notice when I ordered it and I was afraid that the fabric wasn’t going to work. But actually: it works really well!

The fabric is simply beautiful. The knitted aspect of it gives it a bit of texture and the bit of stretch in it makes it comfortable. Because the fabric is heavier it falls really well on the body. This fabric is also super wide! Again, something I didn’t noticed when I ordered it. The weight and width of the fabric are valuable information that Minerva provides that’s quite handy when choosing and ordering a fabric. Besides a dress like this, this fabric would also work really well for sweaters and cardigans.

I think the navy color of this dress makes it a classic piece that I will wear over and over again. I chose this dress with my daily office job in mind. It’s a dress that looks fancy whilst putting in minimal effort. I also like basic pieces such as this dress because you can style them in a lot of ways for different occasions. For the pictures, I chose leopard print shoes to add a little funk to the outfit, but a flat shoe will also work for running errands or maybe a red heel and purse for a night out… The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to try them all!

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