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A sequin skirt in the sunshine

Hi Minerva Makers

Today I am sharing with you the most gorgeous sequin maxi skirt ever! I am not going to lie… I struggled hard to figure out what to make with this amazing sequin fabric just because it is such a statement fabric. At first I thought maybe a skater dress… then I thought maybe a maxi dress. But after wrapping the fabric around my body and dancing in the mirror, I thought a maxi dress may be too much since the fabric is so loud. I am sure some of you will totally rock a maxi dress in this fabric, but I live on a tiny island with a very small population, and I am quite the introvert so taking center stage scares me a bit.

That being said, wrapping the fabric around my body helped me to realise that I loved this fabric with a fitted silhouette so a skater dress was also out of the question. I also felt like I really didn’t want to break up the print. Seeing the sequin design draped into something long, I knew I wanted to show off the chevron type pattern. And so the idea of a maxi skirt was born!

The pattern I chose is one of my tried and tested patterns, McCalls M7569. I actually used this pattern to make my very first sequin dress so I felt comfortable using it for sequin fabric again. M7569 is one of McCalls Create It patterns so it has a ton of variations to choose from. Since I just wanted a maxi skirt, I opted for the view that had a long straight skirt with side slits. I only wanted one slit so I did a left side slit and sewed up the right side like normal.

The pattern calls for knit fabrics and though this fabric obviously does not fall into that category, it had more than enough give for me to make it without any closures. The sequins are threaded on to a stretch mesh so it all worked perfectly. I cut size 16 but ended up taking it in to a 14. I thought I would need extra room for my hips, but I actually preferred the way the smaller size hugged my figure.

Now you can call me a sewing rebel because I did not remove any sequins from my seam allowances. I knew I was going to line my skirt and the sequins are quite tiny so I knew they wouldn’t get in the way too much. I used my normal sewing needle and normal presser foot and had absolutely no issues.

For the lining, I used some leftover ponte from my stash and cut it to a length just about an inch or so above the slit so it is a partial lining that would not show through the slit. I simply sewed it to my sequin skirt right sides together, turned to the inside and under stitched then finished the hem with my serger. The soft ponte lining makes wearing the sequin skirt completely pain free. Because of the slit, I cannot feel the sequin seam allowances that fall below the lining. I handstitched the seam allowances to the wrong side at the slit area since topstitching sequins is never a good option in my opinion and I left the hem raw because I wanted it to drape nicely as it grazes the floor.

This maxi skirt is my New Year’s Eve skirt and I shot it on the beach because this is literally what we island people do to celebrate a new year. On the night of New Year’s Eve, everyone flocks to the beaches to watch fireworks, pop champagne and have a good time. All of the hotels along the coasts have firework shows, yachts and cruise ships on the water as well. So I figured I’d show you guys what I’ll look like when the sun comes up on New Year’s day, except maybe a little less put together since I would have been dancing and celebrating all night!

What do you do for New Year’s Eve? Have you sewn up your sparkly outfit yet?


Keira @islandsewcialist

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Crystal Collins said:

Beautiful skirt. I love how you were able to sew it without removing the sequins. The ponte line was a great idea to make it more comfortable.. · 11th Nov 2019 01:37pm