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A Sparkly Elliot Sweater

Today is my first ever blog post for the Minerva Crafts blog and I am so excited to be here! For those of you that don't know me yet, let me quickly introduce myself. I'm Sarah, and I've been sewing for most of my life having first picked up needle and thread over thirty years ago. I've been blogging over at Prairie Girl Knits since 2006 and I am pretty much obsessed with crafty pursuits whether it be sewing, knitting, spinning or playing with my newest crafty toy, a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. Now that I've introduced myself, let's get on with more pressing matters and the reason you're here reading this today!

I live in rural Southeastern Manitoba, and admittedly we do have some brilliantly sunny days in the winter months. Unfortunately those days are often some of the coldest you could imagine. Days where the air hurts your lungs and face and exposed skin can freeze in moments. (Although disclaimer - as I sit typing this, the sun is shining and it's an oddly mild -2C outside, which is why I can be standing outside in a sweater in the snow in my photos!) All that wintery weather can all put a considerable damper on a person and make darn hard to feel cheerful. To that end, do you know what everyone needs to keep them going through the cold, often dark days of winter? A sparkly sweater that you can toss on whenever you're in the winter doldrums, that's what!

When I saw this gorgeous blue Jersey Fabric, with silver sparkles running through it, I knew I needed it in my life. My first thoughts were a festive cardigan. Something like a Helen's Blackwood Cardigan or maybe an Itch to Stitch Aveiro Cardigan. Paired with a little black cami and jeans it would be the perfect blend of comfort and glitz for any holiday festivities.

However, the postal system was not feeling generous of spirit and my beautiful fabric got tangled up in the rotating postal strikes for several weeks. Then I finally got the notice card in my post box saying a parcel was waiting for me. Unfortunately the postal counter had already closed for the day, so I couldn't get it right away and had to go back the next day. I got there first thing in the morning, excited to collect my fabric and get home right away to start creating the sparkly garment of my dreams but I was foiled again. I was informed the computer system was down and so they could not process my parcel. I would have to come back the next day. Seriously folks?!?!

Because life can never be simple and straight forward and also because I am nothing if not clumsy, between the Thursday that the post office computer was down and the Friday when I could go back and get my parcel, I managed to trip on the stairs by stepping on a stray balloon and broke my toe, not too mention bruised the rest of my foot (and my pride) quite spectacularly. I ended up spending the weekend feeling very sorry for myself, and trying to prop my foot up whenever I could to relieve the pain and swelling. Let me tell you... Fun times.

So doing all that sitting left me time for thinking about my fabric that my husband kindly had finally been able to spring from its postal mishap induced detention. In real life it's every bit as gorgeous with it's silver sparkles running through and it's got a beautiful texture to it with it's almost open weave look to it. Although it is a jersey, its quite stable and there is not a whole lot of stretch to it, but it is soft and snuggly on the inside. I started thinking that I maybe I didn't really want to use it for a cardigan that required a decent amount of stretch and then my mind wandered to the Helen's Closet Elliot Sweater. I'd made one earlier this fall and it's a loose boxy silhouette that would probably lend itself well to the minimal stretch my fabric had without a whole lot of need to adjust my pattern.

I didn't make many changes to the pattern or the size I chose to sew to accommodate the fabric and because this fabric is pretty stable this version has a more streamlined sleek look to it than my other one I had made out of very stretchy sweater knit, but in my books that is just fine! I'm loving the feel and the fit of this one every bit as much. After the photos were taken I went back in and continued to wear it for the rest of the afternoon until I decided it was a bit too nice to do the housework in (although if you want to scrub floors and toilets in silver sparkles go for it! Whatever makes you happy - you'll get no judgment from me!!)

One of the changes I made was to add a cuff to the sleeve. I did this with my other Elliot - it has nothing to do with the stretch factor of the pattern, and everything to do with personal preference... I just like the way it finishes off the sleeve edge so cleanly. Plus I seem to have what I have in the past referred to as "gorilla arms" and the 3/4 sleeves seemed to stop at an awkward place on me. I know it would have been easy enough to lengthen the pattern, but, well, I love a cuff. So cuff it was!

One thing I did do to accommodate the smaller percentage of stretch was to make the turtleneck piece just a half an inch wider than the pattern was drafted. The first attempt at the neck ended up puckered and barely able to go over my head, but re-cutting it with a half an inch extra made all the difference in the world. I was able to easily stretch the neck to fit the neckline and my head can go through with not difficulties at all.

I hope I've inspired you to get your sparkle on and make something fun to get you through the winter with a smile on your face or to those of you trying to beat the heat of summer in your part of the world, maybe you can start dreaming up your makes for when those cooler temps head your way!

See you next time!

Sarah @ Prairie Girl Knits

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Georgina Filby said:

This sweater is such a great style, and I love the fabric! It really suits you! · 3rd Mar 2019 07:01pm

Sarah Locke said:

Thank you so much, Katherine! · 23rd Feb 2019 01:36am

Katherine Magne said:

Hahahaha, that shows up as questions marks *slaps head* I meant the happy hands! Congrats on your first post! · 21st Feb 2019 12:19am

Katherine Magne said:

Love this sweater! Your fabric/pattern match is ???? · 21st Feb 2019 12:18am