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A Warm & Cosy Heather

Hello again crafty friends!!  I'm back with a new project to show you today!  It's an old favourite "tried and true" pattern of mine, the Sew Over It Heather Dress. I've made this a few times before when it first came out - once with long sleeves and once with short. I love both versions of the dress but since I don't really have too many dresses for cooler weather I knew I wanted to make another long sleeved version and the fabric was a perfect choice for it.  Winter is long here on the prairies - last winter we had our first snowfall in late September - so cozy is most assuredly where it's at when it comes to winter clothing choices!

I knew I really wanted to try using this Modal Ponte Roma Fabric. I am a huge fan of pontes as a general rule; I love the way they sew up and the way they wear. When I requested this one I thought with the modal it might be a bit softer than what I'm used to sewing with, which intrigued me as well.  

This fabric did not disappoint. It defies description when it comes to how incredibly soft and beautiful it is. The modal gives an almost liquid quality to the hand, but yet it still cuts out and sews up without a hitch, presses like a dream and still has the structure that you would expect from a ponte roma fabric. I knew that anything I made with it was going to become a cold weather staple in my wardrobe!

The Heather pattern from Sew Over It is a fairly simple make with the only thing perhaps that would present any challenge being the front pockets, but even those don't complicate things much. You just want to be a bit fussy where everything meets up so that things lay smoothly and the side panels match up to each other. 

I do love to do a contrast fabric on the side panels of the Heather Dress (although it's definitely not necessary, I used a single print for my short sleeved version I made and I've worn it to death!)  With this modal ponte the front is printed and the reverse is a solid and is completely suitable for using as the "good" side too which makes it a great choice for easy colour blocking!

I'm so happy with how this version of the Heather Dress turned out. It's going to be so snuggly and warm and will be a great way for me to continue enjoying wearing dresses even when the mercury plummets as its bound to do!  

That snuggly warmth did present a bit of a funny problem for me though. As you may be aware, we often have a bit of a lag between when we sew our projects and when they get posted for your enjoyment. Which meant I was sewing mine up in the middle of a summer heat wave. Temps were in the 30 Celsius range and ridiculously humid. I was wilting in my lightest sundresses whilst sitting in front of a fan.  

Let me tell you that it takes a certain level of dedication (or complete leave of one's senses) to try and wrestle one's sweaty self into tights, boots and a long sleeve cozy dress and hike out into the hot humid air to take photos and not come across as a complete lunatic. I had to wait a few days until there was a good rain shower and then run outside before it got too hot again, but then the swarms of bloodthirsty mosquitoes were fierce and I was getting eaten alive. It was brutal! The things we do for our love of showing off our crafty ventures... LOL!

If you're looking for me I shall be sitting very still while sipping a cold drink in front of the fan for the next little bit while I recover.  
Thanks for reading,
Sarah @ prairie-girl-knits

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