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Actively Lounging

It is with great pleasure that I got to make something from this gloriously tropical soft Jersey Fabric from Minerva this week! It is listed as ‘Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric’ and comes in three colourways. It just screams summer to me with all these bright colours, tropical birds and bursts of sunshine.

As soon as I saw this, I thought it would make some fun PJs to show off the print in all it’s glory. And in a perfectly ironic way, what better pattern to use for lounging around in Pjs, than the ‘Sew Your Own Activewear’ patterns by Fehr Trade.

There a couple of blocks included in the book which made excellent PJ fodder. The first was the Raglan T-shirt. I have made this before for gym wear and knew that it is comfortable and loose. Good enogh for weight lifting, good enough for comfy Sundays drinking coffee and mooching about at home. 

To give the top a bit of a twist and keep that ‘sporty’ (in the loosest sense that word has ever been used) vibe I popped in some bright yellow jersey bias binding into the shoulder seams to make that top pop. It took a couple of goes to get this technique down as I couldn’t decide whether attaching it by machine to one side was best…

…or whether just whacking it between the 2 layers in a bias-sandwich and overlocking was the way forward. 

It didn’t make much difference other than the latter being significantly quicker! I love the effect though and how it breaks up the pattern just enough. Because the bias binding is also super soft jersey, the whole top keeps that easy-going PJ feel. 

The bottoms are the ‘Loose Fitting Bottoms Block’. The pattern is intended for training, skiing, wearing over your running shorts etc. I shall be wearing them to lie around in. I cut a size Medium and was happy to find that the fit was brilliant with no adjustments at all. I love jersey so much – so forgiving. 

The bottoms got the side stripe treatment too, and I JUST managed to get both sides done before running out of yellow binding. Phew. The game of Bias-binding-chicken paid off.

This little project was also a blatant excuse to use my coverstitch machine and get those hems and necklines down properly. They lie so flat and the stretch recovery is excellent. You don’t need one of course; zig zags, overlocking, twin needles… all good. I’m just a gadget addict and sew mainly with stretch. 

These were a quick make and thoroughly enjoyable. The fabric is a fabulous weight and feels really nice against the skin. Here they are all complete – they look a bit like scrubs due to the colours but hey, super jazzy PJs all day. 

I feel these are the kind of PJs that you could wear when you’re staying with family and friends. Covered up but comfy. Sassy not slobby. Bright not boring. It’s PJ love.
Thanks for reading,
Emma @ Crafty Clyde

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