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An Amélie-Inspired B6217: Sewing The Scene

Hello there! I’m Jo, known over on Instagram at @theunfinishedseamstress. Minerva Crafts are very generously sponsoring my sewing challenge, Sewing The Scene, so it only made sense to make my projects with their gorgeous fabrics, and share them here! So, what’s the challenge? 

Well, I know I’m guilty of a lack of focus when it comes to using inspiration in a productive way. I may love this or that look, but then get distracted sewing the newest pattern or fabric from my stash, instead of planning something special from scratch. And I get a lot of inspiration from films. Like, A LOT. So this challenge is for those of us who want to copy a look from a film or TV show (I think one person is doing a music video!), and just bring it into our real lives. To be clear, I’m not talking about a costume: I mean straight-up stealing some movie style for myself, for my everyday life. So if you want in, just make something inspired by film or TV, and post it on Instagram by the 15th of October using the tag #sewingthescene!

This blouse is inspired by one of my favourite films, Amélie. As I mentioned on my blog when I was planning this project, I’ve particularly loved this one look since I first saw it: a black spotty button-down top (dress?) with a sweetheart neckline. She wears it several times, each time a little differently, but it always looks so good. I love a sweetheart neckline! Why haven’t I sewn anything with this neckline?! (See what I mean about using inspiration?) So, I found this fantastic Vintage-Style Mini Spot Print Cotton Dress Fabric from Minerva Crafts, and immediately thought of this Gertie/Butterick Sewing Pattern.

Pretty good match, right? This vintage-style fabric is reasonably sturdy, and was a dream to sew with. Easy to cut, easy to sew, easy to press. I’ve had a summer of sewing with very slippy fabrics, and it was a delight to go back to cotton. I feel like it’s going to wash well, age well, and wear well - that this garment could be in the category I like to call “future vintage’. In other words, it’s made to last. The pattern, though probably not for true beginners, is pretty straightforward. It has darts for fitting, in fact darts all over the place - 4 in front, 4 in back, and it’s finished with facings. While I’m not usually one for a va-va-voom tight fit, I did find that I had a little too much ease in the bust to begin with. Easily fixed, but I might grade between sizes if I sew this one again. 

To me, this blouse is ALL about the neckline. In itself, I really love how it’s turned out. As a knock-off, I do think maybe I should have tried softening the inward corners. The sharper angle feels slightly rockabilly to me, which is fun but not my usual style, nor is it an exact copy. 

Styling-wise, a red cardigan feels accurate. Jeans do not, but realistically this is how I will wear it most of the time. Forgive me for being ever-so-slightly rumpled, I had a full day of mom-duties (as always) before we snapped these pictures. The good news is that I can definitely do life in it, shopping, playing, even nursing. 

And just to give you an idea of the true fabric colour without my Amélie filter (indulge me in my Audrey Tautou fantasies!), one more on the hanger. The facings are backed with Fusible Interfacing from Minerva (that actually fuses!), and I love these cute Fish-Eye Buttons as well. I think a simple button was the right call!

So, overall, very happy with this project! If you need me, I’ll be perfecting my famous plum cake and resisting the urge to cut my hair. I’m gonna want it long for my next Sewing The Scene project. Watch this space!

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