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Angelic Brilliance Rose Gold Skirt!

When I think of luxurious fabrics, silk, sateen, & satin are usually at the top of the list. Although I’m late to the party when it comes to the popular satin skirt, I was already preparing to make one before the call came from my lovely sponsor.
Sidenote: Satin is not a raw material. It’s a type of weave, constructed by floating several warp yarns across the weft before going under 1 weft thread, and beginning the cycle again. Having fewer interlaces leads to the smooth, shimmering surface we all know and love. This means you can have silk, nylon or polyester satin. It also means if cotton is used to create a satin weave, the fabric produced is Sateen.

If you’ve visited my blog before you know how much I love fabric with elastane or stretch. These sort of fabrics are very forgiving when sewing with them. The beauty of this Sateen Fabric is the subtle dull satin finish. If you want something that gives off a sense of affluence then this is the fabric for you.

Another outstanding feature of this fabric is the fact that the woven base makes it easy to sew, while still having the benefit of elastane. You’ll enjoy the one way stretch, especially if you plan to make a trouser or slightly fitted tops or dresses. Trust me, because of the miniscule stretch, you’ll get the right fit and still feel quite comfortable. Also, you’ll be happy to know it has a really nice feel against the skin.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how versatile this seasons top color would be. But the more I looked at it, the more I find cute ways to style it. A quick change of your shoes or blouse can mean the difference between a day look and an evening out.

Pair your midi skirt with a white sweater or better yet, an animal print to add a pop to your look. Kick off your flats and add pumps or knee high boots to change your look.

This Burda pattern really shows off the luxe and feminine feel of this fabric. It’s style 11/2015 #105C, one I’ve always wanted to sew up before satin skirts were a trend in the last two seasons. It’s a calf-length midi skirt with darts that extend in a v-shape from the center seam. It’s fitted throughout the waist and then flows. This is what caught my eye, the flow and drape. It is definitely a dancing skirt if you love to twirl.

Thanks for reading,

Renata @ The Twilight Stitcher

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