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Butterick 5955 Melange Knit Top

If there is one thing I like (occasionally) it's a 'quick sew' and here I am about to start such a make. My daughter Vicki wanted an ultra baggy top to wear for work, one that you could layer up over a longline T-shirt or a longline jumper in Winter. So as part of my 'promise' to make everybody tops I found the perfect Sewing Pattern for Vicki in Butterick 5955. 
2 things made me feel good about using this pattern. First, I actually made it for myself a couple of years ago and therefore know it makes up fast and easy and secondly there would be no fitting because it is so big and baggy. There are just 3 pieces to version B which are the V neck front, the lower back and the upper back yolk section. Take a look at the pattern pieces of which I am using numbers 1, 2 and 4.
Vickis choice of fabric is this beautiful Melange Knit Fabric. Unlike some 'knitted' fabrics, this is actually knitted with a right side and a wrong side. You can clearly see this in the following photos.
Now Vicki is a few inches taller than me (mind you everybody is taller than me in our family even most of our grandchildren are taller than me) so I knew she would want it longer than the pattern. With it being big and baggy it was simply a matter of adding on at the bottom. So when I was cutting out I added on 7" to pieces 2  and 4. I knew she wouldn't want it as long as this but I also knew I could trim off any excess at the end. Remember you can always cut some length off but you can't add it on! Take note, when adding on any length, make sure you follow the angle of the seams as you can quite clearly see on the following photo. 
Now you all know I have got my wonderful new Overlocker and up to now I haven't altered any of the settings. So after trying out sewing on a scrap of the material I feel a seam is too wavy. See my photo...
On this machine there is something that is called Differential Feed.
 By changing this from neutral to 1.5, it now sews this fabric perfectly. See photo...
My next check was how it would press. The fabric is a polyester/viscose mix so I carefully pressed a piece of  the fabric and just as I suspected it flattened the fabric and if I had pressed it any harder it would have left a shine. So my answer was to let my iron hover over the seam and then finger press. This worked perfectly.
I can only say sewing it was a treat on my overlocker. As I've said before it sews, overcasts and trims off excess fabric all in one go. I chose to hem the neckline, armholes and hemline with my trusted stretch stitch on my Pfaff sewing machine. Before I sewed the front seam, I stay-stitched around the neckline, then turned under the hem and stretch stitched it.
 All that was left then was to overlock down the front but before that I placed the two edges together and just sewed the start of the seam on my Pfaff. This ensured that when I came to overlock the seam it wouldn't move. I couldn't bare the most focal part of the garment looking lobsided!
Vicki was very pleased with her top but felt it was a little too long so I cut off 3" and re-hemmed it.
What can I say about the end result. Let the following photos's show you. It's been washed and worn several times before we got round to taking these photos and as you can see the fabric is just as beautiful!
Vicki was more than pleased with her garment that only took me a couple of hours to make. Until next time, happy sewing.
Annette xx

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Lesley HIRST said:

I love what you have done! The fabric choice is fabulous too and you??ve inspired me to give it a go. Thankyou for sharing your experience as this will help me a great deal as a new sewing xx · 13th Jan 2019 04:39am