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Art Gallery Fabric Carolyn Pajamas

Hello everyone! I am back again with a cozy yet stylish make for the colder season! I am using this amazing Art Gallery Fabric. Immediately my mind went to a classic pajama that would make everyone go "ooooh" and "aaaah" (which of course never happens because I don’t wear my pajama when I go outside and you can bet that I will be wearing some lousy shirt and old shorts when an impromptu visitor shows up).
I am glad to report: I made it! It took me longer than I expected and I had to reorder more fabric (take note of the fabric’s width, don’t make the same mistakes I made). I love that the print is handwriting and looks so delicate and beautiful.
It was not hard to make a choice on the pattern. It had to be the Carolyn Pajamas. I had great successes with ClosetCase Patterns so far, why not this one? There are a lot of pieces to this pattern so take care to note which one goes where… I made a straight size 16 with no adjustments and as you can see in the pictures it worked out very well. I decided to go for the model with the piping as I loooove inserting piping but don’t add it enough to be honest. And, of course, it had to be yellow. My first choice would have been burgundy but the description of the store-bought piping said that it might bleed… and I could not have that.
You start by assembling the trousers or the pockets to be exact (yes, it has pockets… and they’re the ‘good’ kind). 
You can see that this fabric presses very well and the pockets were a quick make. 
Not too difficult. Then you sew the faux-fly-front that is assembled pretty much the same way you would normally do – without the added stress of inserting an actual zipper, haha!
All I had to do in finishing the trousers was to add the cuffs and the waistband. Oh, before I forget, I did not do french seams but overlocked all the raw edges. I think if I were to make it in silk or even viscose I would definitely use french seams.
With the top you start by attaching the little breast pocket. And, yes, I even added some piping with this one. 
Attach the front to the back pieces at the shoulder seams. Then you proceed to the collar. And that’s also where I made the first mistake. I added the piping the wrong way around so it came to lie between the two seamallowances :) I prefer to be honest about my makes which is why I let you enjoy this little hiccup visually.
So out with the seamripper and on we go. With the piping facing to the right side I attached the undercollar to the top and then topstitched the ironed collar between both notches (it sounds weird but the instructions from ClossetCase Patterns are amazing, so don’t worry).
Speaking of the instructions. I actually went my own way and inserted the sleeves on the flat – meaning I did not gather them first and sewed them into the finished armhole. I prefer it this way and sometimes it works (for me, it depends on how well the fabric can be manipulated). But I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. Do as I say and not as I do ;-)
With the sleeves already in, I finished the sideseams and moved on to add the facings to the top. Of course I had to add the piping first which was no problem. Again, the instructions have some details in them on how to deal with piping. With the facings on, I sewed the buttonholes and attached the buttons before I finished the curved hem of the pajama top. I had in mind to use my foot for rolled hems but I decided against it because of the way the facings are turned out at the bottom and because I had never practiced doing corners (curved hem) with it…
This is how the top looks on the flat and with a detail shot.
And this is me wearing my new PJ’s and no makeup casually reading Tilly’s new book. (Yes I know you have all already read it but I actually just got it this month).
It turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned it. But now I am kind of sad that I did not use the fabric to make a shirt for work because this would actually be amazing for it. When I tried on the pajama and looked in the mirror I did not notice any underwear showing through which would be fantastic for work. Plus, it is comfortable, does not wrinkle too much and stays soft all the same.
You can read more about me and my makes over on my blog until then…
Happy Sewing,

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