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Astoria Revisited

I think as I go along I am getting more confident in knowing what I like and do not like, style-wise. There are still some oops-es along the way for sure but far less than a few years ago. I had made the Astoria from Seamwork magazine twelve to eighteen months ago and it was a bit of a flop for me because I had not lengthened it enough. Once I saw this Jacquard Jersey Knit Fabric in the pink colorway, I knew I wanted to try again.

Let’s begin with the pattern. It is a super simple sew, with real wardrobe staple possibilities. Whether you choose to wear it as is or modify the pattern there are so many things you can do with it. I opted to hack it. I lengthened it three and a half inches; I am not particularly tall but I do not care for cropped as I have a tummy. I also chopped the sleeves to a short sleeve length as well as lowered the neckline. What I ended up with surprised me so much!

This is the perfect Springtime sweater as well as Winter, in Texas at least. Though I will say it has been quite cold here as of late. This sweater is great for throwing on with jeans or even a nicer pair of trousers. It is light enough that I can still throw on a cardigan with it without the sleeves getting all jammed up in the arms. Admittedly, I do not feel as though I can dress this up too much but I can get away with it for dress - casual and definitely casual and even lounging around.

Now, the fabric. I chose the pink colorway as I am super into dusty and blush pinks right now. Everything I have been drawn to colorwise lately has primarily been pink tones. I fought my mother hard over pink whilst I was growing up but having matured (a tiny bit at least) I have come to realize that she was right. Depending on the tone of pink, it can be a really good color choice for me. Though I think Navy will always be my true color love.

The fabric is a really lovely jersey jacquard, there is stretch but not a lot of it like a rayon viscose jersey. It is more along the lines of a ponte. It is very suitable for sweaters and cardigans, even a sweater dress in this would be lovely. Plus it is so incredibly snuggly and soft, you won’t want to wear anything else. It sewed and washed really well and I’ve had no pilling at all. Trust me, I’ve worn it enough to actually test this out. It is THAT comfy! There are four colorways in total and yes navy is one (I want it!!). The reverse of the fabric is super cute as well and could absolutely be used in color-blocking. I just know I am going to enjoy wearing this for years to come.

Sew, Laugh, Repeat



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