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Baby Bibs

I have a few friends who have just had, or are expecting babies in the next few months so when I saw this beautiful penelope waves Quilting Fabric and I knew it would be perfect for making some bibs!

I had some cream Towelling Fabric in my stash. I hadn’t worked with towelling before and it was pretty tough to cut out, gave me a real workout, I think I need to give my scissors a sharpen now! It didn’t shed as much as I thought it might which was a relief.

The patterns I used were free which I had found on The Fold Line. The classic style bibs, both large and small were from Atelier des Cigognes, a French pattern company which I hadn’t heard of. The more bandana style bib was a pattern from Pattern and Cloth. All of these patterns are one piece to cut out so they were very quick to cut out. The Pattern and Cloth bibs are designed to be made with one piece of towelling and one piece of other fabric. The Atelier des Cigognes patterns are designed to be made with one piece of towelling and bias binding with optional applique shapes. I decided to see if these would work with a double layer of fabric like the other pattern as well as doing bias binding.

I started by making a stack of bias binding. The Penelope waves cotton was super easy to work with. Cutting it was a breeze and it ironed into bias tape really well. I used a 18mm bias tape maker to help with the ironing. It was the first time I have used one and I was really happy with how it worked out. I wrapped the tape that I made around an old thread reel to help it keep its folds since I didn’t have time to make all the bibs in the same evening. For all of the bibs I used Coloured Snaps, I had never used snaps before but now I am a total convert! They are so easy to put in and they look really neat. A friend also pointed out to me that they are perfect for bibs since they will pop open if pulled so no choking hazards!

When it came to making the bibs, the instructions for the Atelier des Cigognes said to just sew the bias tape folded over the raw edge. I found that my 18mm tape was a little thin and made it fiddly to do that since I had only made it a single fold. So I attached the bib to one side of the tape first and folded it over to top stitch which made it a much neater finish that I would have got otherwise. I had a small embroidery of a fox which I made a while ago and turned into a patch with some heat’n’bond and I put it on one of these bibs as a special one for a friend who is having her first baby soon.

When making the other bibs, both the Atelier des Cigognes and the Pattern and Cloth patterns with double fabric layers, I sewed them together wrong sides together and left a gap at the side to turn them right sides out. Because the Atelier des Cigognes Pattern wasn’t intended to be used this way I needed to work hard to turn out the skinny bit around the neck and since I don’t have a loop turner I used a chopstick! But I really like the way turned out, even though I spent ages notching the curves. I finished them off by top stitching close to the outside which gave them a nice finish and closed up the gap.

Overall the Penelope waves cotton fabric is a beautiful quilting cotton. It worked really well for these bibs and I think it would be great for other kids clothes (or whimsical dresses?) and quilting, anything really! It’s beautiful quality and I’m very happy with these bibs!

Until next time!

Laura xx

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