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Bandage Rib Boat Neck Top Tutorial

Hi everyone! I’m Anita, from DIY with Manneken and I’m back with a new fabric review. This time I chose a Bandage Rib Jersey Fabric. I loved it instantly. I had a few ideas in my head, so I decided to order the plum color. 
This gorgeous knitted jersey fabric has a beautiful rib texture. The color is awesome, and I think it’s perfect to sew tops, pants, jumpsuits, dresses and skirts. I really love it. There’s a wide range of colours available.
I finally decided to make a long sleeve top, with a boat neck, and a gathered center back.
Step 1. For making this top you need a your knit block pattern. The one with no darts, as you do not need them for knit garments.
Step 2. Start making the neckline a bit wider. It all depends on each person’s likes and dislikes. You can see an example in the drawing. 
Step 3. The front remains as it is. Draw some horizontal lines on the back (taking advantage of the wasitline), and cut from these lines until near the side of the pattern. 
Step 4. Open the cuts from as you see in the drawing. You can open them as much as you want, depending on the amount of gathering you want. 
Step 5. Add the seam allowance. At the center back and hemlines add 2cm seam allowance, 1cm for the rest of the t-shirt. Cut a rectangle for the neckline that measures 3,5cm tall, and as long as the length of the total neckline.
Step 6. Draw the sleeve, taking into account the armhole measurement of the front and the back which is the same in this case, as we are sewing a knit fabric. Add a 1cm seam allowance around the sleeve, and 2cm at the hemline.
Step 7. Start sewing the back to the front from the shoulder line, right sides together. 
Step 8. Sew the hemlines.
Step 9. Sew the center back, folding the 2cm seam allowance.
Step 10. Topstitch the backline seam allowance. 
Step 11. Face right sides of the sleeves to the right side of the front and back of the tee, and sew the sleeve to the bodice around the armhole.
Step 12. This is how it will look after sewing both sleeves.
Step 13. Fold the t-shirt from the sleeves, facing front and back right sides together. And sew sides, from sleeve to bottom hemline. 
Step 14.  Turn the t-shirt to the right side. Fold the rectangle we cut earlier in half and go on sewing on neckline. 
Step 15. Insert a cord in the center back hole we created and gather the back. We can tie up the cord at the bottom. 
And here you have some pictures of the tee. Hope you like it!
Anita @ DIY with Manneken

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Sewanew said:

Clever you, I liked your diagrams and blog, and you outfit looks good on you. · 18th Jun 2019 10:36pm