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Bespokle – Make Someone Their Next Best Outfit

This isn’t a post about a recent make, although I do wish to be sitting behind my sewing machine creating something to show here on the Minerva Crafts’ blog. However, the team at Minerva have been so kind to allow me to deviate from the norm and bring something new that I think some of you may be interested in.

I have recently launched a platform called Bespokle where sewists, knitters and fashion designers can sell their services, creating bespoke garments for the everyday consumer. This platform will give creatives a chance to monetise their skills and designs and I am looking for people to join me!

The idea was born from when I contemplated launching my own fashion line. I wanted to spread a message of self-love and acceptance, creating garments that represented our desires to just be our true selves without the judgement of others. However, I soon found that fashion design didn’t excite me as much as I thought it would and yet I couldn’t just let such an important message go.

Creating a platform where people could request and buy garments made specifically to their bodies, while providing my wider sewing community a space to push their creations sounded like a worthwhile idea and I decided to run with it.

Bespokle is such an exciting project for me and I am working on building a strong seller-base with a good range of sewists, knitters and designers before putting it out there to the general public, hence why I am here. Minerva continuously feature talented seamstresses and knitters who have the skill to produce extraordinary garments that easily put my creations to shame.

If you are looking to take sewing or knitting further and are interested in advertising your services please sign up to Bespokle. I am also available for any questions that you may have!

Thanks for reading!


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