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Black polka Dot Jersey Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress

When I first received this Jersey Fabric I knew I wanted to make a jersey dress from it. The fabric is a stretch cotton, with 5% spandex content, so has great recovery and is comfy and breathable to wear. I absolutely love spotty fabric, my husband rolled his eyes when this turned up because I was wearing a skirt in very similar fabric when I opened it.
I have several knit dresses in my repertoire, including the Colette Moneta dress, which I have made several times. I wanted to try something different for this fabric so purchased the Pauline Alice Aldaia dress. This pattern comes with lots of different mix and match bodice and skirt options so is great value as there are several dresses within the pattern.
I opted for version C, which is a round neck, princess seamed bodice and flared panel skirt. The shape is perfect for me as it skims over the hips and is fitted at the waist.
I had 2 metres of fabric, so was just about able to get this dress from that. I opted for the short sleeves as fabric was getting a bit tight. The fabric has a non-directional print which saves fabric when cutting out as the flared skirt pieces can be tessellated together.
The pattern has a lot of extra details, such as a neck facing and sleeve facings that give a really clean finish. There are also darts in the back bodice to improve the fit, and the princess seams on the front bodice add shaping too.
This is a very well thought out pattern, I can see why it's been so popular. I really like the other bodice options and would like to try them out too.
The fabric was absolutely perfect for this pattern, as I thought it would be. It is very easy and stable to work with and has the right amount of body for the skirt. It has a great stretch and recovery and so far has washed really well. I wear this a lot for work as it's so comfy and I often don't bother ironing it. It is also available in lots of other colours.
One thing to note is that the skirt comes up quite short. I was expecting it to be close to knee length. I actually quite like it, but do prefer a longer skirt generally so will lengthen this a few inches next time I make it. Also, there are no pockets on this dress, so I would add some inseam pockets next time I make it as the skirt is flared enough to accommodate them without it distorting the shape.
This dress fits really well and is very comfy to wear. I love the neckline shape on this view, it makes it a very everyday wearable dress. The fabric in this colour is perfect for work and this dress is great to wear in the office (sitting down) all day. It's not so great for site visits and climbing scaffolding, but I have actually worn it with black leggings and that makes it more versatile for my job!
I'll definitely make this dress again, I'm really tempted by one of the bright coloured versions of this fabric as this one has turned out so well!
Jenny x

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