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The Coat of Many Colours

This is the Named Clothing Esme Cardigan, sewn in a Canvas Fabric to become a crazy cat lady outer layer of fabulousness! (I only have one cat, but I aspire to having a house filled with vast numbers of multi-coloured felines.)

The fabric is a lovely canvas which would be ideal for bags and interiors because it looks very hard wearing, but I fancied a coat and it is soft enough to use for clothing too, similar to a mid/heavy denim.

I wanted a coat for the autumn, the colours in the canvas seem to me to fit with the colours of the trees, but one layer of canvas although a great windbreaker wasn’t going to be enough. I found some wool interlining in a charity shop years ago, probably meant for curtains as it is really heavy, I knew it would come in one day…(I was actually beginning to think it would need to go back to the charity shop, good job I am too lazy to clear up). I quilted the wool in big squares to some lining I had in my stash as well. The result is incredibly heavy in a reassuring way, like wearing a quilt, and it feels completely weather proof.

There wasn’t a pattern for the lining, so I just cut the same sleeve and back pieces as for the outer. For the front I overlapped the top and bottom front piece by the seam allowance and cut it as one piece. I then just sewed the lining to the coat, and hid the edges with the button band and cuffs.

On the hem I added a neon pink binding to make the edge look pretty. And I mean no matter how much is going on with the fabric a pop of neon is never a bad thing.

I prewashed the canvas at 30, and tumble dryed it, I did the same with the wool and the lining. There wasn’t any shrinkage in the canvas but you might want to overlock the edges before washing because there was quite a lot of fraying.

The pattern is for jersey/knit but I have used it before for a kimono type robe in liberty lawn so I knew it would work with a woven as well.

I love the pockets, I just really like how they are positioned and sewn, I can’t even tell you why they are so perfect, they just are, try it if you don’t believe me.

I made the sleeves wider, by adding width at the cuff end, I also shortened them by 4cm, just because I prefer a bracelet length sleeve, doesn’t drag in stuff and stays a bit cleaner.

I kept the length of the body, for maximum crazies.

The buttons are Crendon Burnt Orange Buttons from Minerva and I think they work pretty perfectly, the print wouldn’t have wanted anything too competitive. The button holes went in well too as the canvas is so stable and I added some interfacing to the back of the button band to help make my life easier.

I’m going to wear this crazy coat to death this autumn winter, smug in the knowledge of its uniqueness and ignorant of the raised eyebrow my husband gives me when he sees it (he is just worried about my cat plans).

Happy sewing people x

Kirstan @kirstsg

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KnitLaceSew said:

I love the look of this coat. Stunning! · 13th Jan 2019 08:54am

Sheila O'Keefe said:

What an amazing coat, my thinking exactly, a unique coat makes you feel good everytime you wear it · 13th Jan 2019 08:06am