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Blue Sparkle Dazzle Jersey Nikki Cardigan

Hi there, for my second blog post I chose this sparkly blue Jersey Fabric, not sure why, I'm not an overly sparkly girl really but it just appealed to me. I haven't sewn with sparkly fabric before so perhaps it was the challenge of trying something new. Anyway, when the fabric arrived I was pleased to see that it had a subtle sparkle to it, not too glittery. It's quite drapey, but not too slippery and the inside is nice and smooth.
My first thought was to make a wrap dress out of it, but then I realised that I wouldn't really wear a sparkly wrap dress too often and I wanted to make a garment that would be useful in my wardrobe. So I decided to make a cardigan, a special cardigan that I can wear to add a touch of glamour to an outfit when I need it.
The pattern I chose was the Athina Kakou Nikki cardigan, I had seen a few lovely versions around and I wanted something simple and chic looking to pair with the fabric. The fabric was quite easy to cut, I used lots of pins in case it shifted about, but it was fine and I used an ordinary sewing machine with a jersey needle and a small zigzag stitch as I don't have an overlocker, I have sewn plenty of jersey garments on my machine before without any problems. The fabric was quite fluid and a little delicate though so I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't sewn with jersey before, but if you have had some experience of sewing jerseys it would be fine.
The Nikki cardigan pattern was nice and easy to follow, I chose to make the short version and it sewed up quite quickly, the sleeves went in easily and all the notches lined up well. I zigzagged my seam edges inside for a neater finish as I think with a cardigan you might see them when taking it on and off. My neckband came out a bit too short the first time, so I'm not sure what I did there, but thankfully I had enough fabric left to cut another, this time I cut it longer than needed so I could make sure it fitted! I didn't make the sleeve cuffs, I decided just to hem the sleeves for a simpler finish and I didn't make belt loops but I may decide to add those later.
The fabric was a little bouncy when you have several layers together like for the neckbinding, but nothing too difficult. I think I will be using this pattern again, as I tend to wear cardigans all year round, with this pattern you could make some nice snuggly ones for the colder months and lighter versions for the summer.
So I now have a lovely sparkly cardigan to add to my wardrobe. I love the way that you can wear it wrapped or open to give different looks. I think it would look lovely over a dress or even with jeans and a nice top to make a simple outfit feel that little bit more special.
Thanks for reading, 
Zoe @flowers_and_frolics

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