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Building a Handmade Collection

As soon as I saw this beautiful Viscose Fabric, I fell in love with it. My first thought was to build a mini collection based on this specific fabric! I started working on this collection immediately. A need of a few cohesive wearable pieces got on my mind. During the last couple of years I tried to stick in a specific color palette and as a result I own a lot of pastels mixed with navy pieces and a pop of pinks. Today, staying in the same color palette, I would like to share the 3 first pieces of this collection that I made using this fabric from Minerva.
The Morning Glory Top
I was looking for the perfect Springy-Summery top so the Morning Glory Top by Sarah Kirsten was the right choice for me. This versatile top is a free sewing pattern that actually you have to draft by yourself using your own measurements. The step by step instructions that Sarah gives you are really helpful and clear. Don't feel overwhelmed by it, it is easier than it sounds.
The fact that you can wear it either with the opening at the front or at the back makes it a must have item! Why not wear it as a cardigan as well? I just love how it turned out. This Viscose fabric worked like a dream with this top and it made it look really fresh!
Flint Shorts
Next on my list was to make a bottom piece. I made the Flint Shorts by Megan Nielsen view C, the one with the button closure. I love anything with bow ties but I think I have enough of those at the moment! Plus, I found these cute buttons in my local haberdashery store that I couldn't pass. The fabric works perfectly with the Flints and make them look beautifully draped.
While making those shorts, the sewing ripper became my best friend! I made quite a few mistakes while I was adding the waistband. That's why you should not rush while sewing! Just enjoy the process!

I finished them with a bit narrower hem just to make them more wearable for me.

The Flint sewing pattern comes with beautiful illustrated step by step instructions which are clear enough and on point.
Finally, let's take a moment to appreciate the amazing secret closure that Flints have inside the left pocket! I find it such a brilliant idea and unique! 

I lo-lo-love them so much!

Self Drafted Scarf

Last but not least, I had to make an accessory to match the whole look! This viscose fabric had the perfect weight for this project.
  1. I cut a long strip of fabric 68*12 cm.
  2. I fold the fabric piece in length ways right sides together.
  3. I cut the short ends diagonal.
  4. I sew it using 0.5 cm seam allowance leaving a 10 cm opening length ways. This will help turning the scarf right sides out.
  5. Press everything carefully and stitch the opening closed.
  6. Give a nice final press to your new scarf.
  7. Enjoy it!
This scarf is a little something that your outfit needs to come together. Wear it on your hair as a headband, tie it around your neck in a beautiful tie or put it on your bag to add some color and brighten up your look!

Final Thoughts

I'm happy with my three new pieces that I added into my wardrobe. The idea of a mini handmade collection is truly amazing and brings joy to me! Let's make clothes that actually fit in our life, clothes that we are going to wear and enjoy daily. There isn't anything worse than having a handmade item that you put all of your heart and effort while making it but unfortunately isn't your taste; never was your taste. Try to plan your makes wisely!

So, what do you think? Has your sewing changed from time to time? What do you like to sew most?

Sewing Summary

Sewing pattern: 1) The Morning Glory Top by Sarah Kirsten. It is a FREE sewing pattern.

2) Flint Shorts by Megan Nielsen

3) A self drafted scarf

Size: 1) Based on my own measurements.

2) Size Medium.

3) One size.

Fabric: "Floral Viscose Challis Fabric" from Minerva.

Alterations: On my Flints I made a narrower hem.

Cost: The fabric was provided to me for reviewing purposes. It costs £5,99 per meter. Buttons for flints, Flint sewing pattern and the threads was bought by me.

Learn more about my handmade collection on my blog "Happy Sewing Blog", how I came up with this idea, the process of making it and the final collection! Let's inspire each other on Instagram, @argkalant. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Happy sewing!

Argyro xx

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Poppy Flowers said:

Sweety you look super-cute! I love all your makes and I'm sO gonna make that morning glory top! · 21st Apr 2019 09:27pm