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Burgundy Silk Voile Dress

Hi There!
I am McKell from @McKellMakes and I am so grateful to be joining the Minerva Maker Team! 
I have had a dress in mind that I've been wanting to make for awhile now, and when I saw this gorgeous burgundy Silk Voile Fabric I jumped at the chance to use this fabric! I love how Minerva includes a video of how the fabric moves and flows so you can really get an idea of the fabric before you decide to buy... such a useful tool! 
Upon receiving the package in the mail, I immediately knew it was a good choice! This fabric is like butter! I wanted to include some backlit photos with the sun shining through the fabric, so you could get an idea of just how delicate this beautiful fabric is. I also recommend wearing a slip under this fabric like I did, or picking a pattern with a lining.  
With it being such a soft and delicate fabric, there are a few things to keep in mind when handling this fabric.  
First, use an appropriately sized needle.  This fabric is 55% cotton and 45% silk, so using a microtex needle made specifically for finer fabrics will help the sewing process immensely.  Other needles, could snag or pull on the fibers causing puckers and pulls.  
Next, use a strong, good quality thread.  I ended up using a Silk Gutermann Thread that matched perfectly to this burgundy fabric.  This thread is 100% silk and has a lovely sheen to it.  
And last but not least, use a new or very sharp blade in your rotary cutter when cutting this fabric.  I started cutting without changing my blade, and the little knicks in my blade kept catching on the fine fabric fibers and I had little threads that were pulling and causing the fabric to bunch.  I quickly remedied the problem by changing to a new blade, and had zero problems after that! 
The pattern I chose to make was the Plumetis Dress 04/2019 #120 by Burda Style.
I made the size 44, but I probably could have gone down to a size 42.  It's a little loose, but I don't mind the look and feel of it at all.  I didn't make any changes to this dress except extending the length of the hem all the way down to the floor. The silk voile is such a fine fabric, I thought the longer length would help make this dress look more elegant.  
I also ended up doing french seams for all of the seams on this dress.  The silk voile is a semi-sheer fabric, so I wanted the inside to be just as beautiful as the outside.  Using french seams also helped encase all of the fraying edges.  
The miniature pom pom trim on the sleeves and hem are a fun detail that I haven't used very often, but plan on using again in the future! 
I also wouldn't mind making this dress again in a plumetis fabric and keeping it knee-length, like the pattern suggests.  
This pattern is a good one for advanced beginners to intermediate seamstresses.  It includes a stand collar and self-facing button placket, so if you are comfortable with those, I'd say go for it! The construction is very simple and straight forward. 
This fabric would also be ideal for a beautiful tie-neck blouse, or another sheer dress pattern.  
And that's a wrap! Overall, this fabric was such a treat to work with after taking the simple precautions I mentioned earlier... and such a joy to wear! 
Thank you to Minerva for this fun opportunity, and thanks for following along! 

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