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By Hand London Tweed Victoria Blazer

Hi there, its Rebecca and I'm here with my second blog post for the Minerva Crafts Blog, and its a few firsts for me. My first time using tweed fabric and my first time making a coat/jacket!
When I saw the Tweed Coating Fabric, which is pink, blue and white/cream with hints of sparkle I just knew it was time to try a pattern I've had in my stash for a while, the By Hand London Victoria Blazer. The photo on the website doesn't do the fabric justice, its got a slight sparkle to some of the wool running through the weave and varying shades of pink and blue.
The Fabric 
The composition is polyester and is washable at 40 degrees. However, I decided not to pre wash the fabric because of its loose weave as I was worried that it may unravel in the wash, and as its a jacket is unlikely to be washed often and being polyester I don't think I have to worry too much about shrinkage if I do wash it. If you decide you want to pre wash the fabric, which is recommended, I would overlock the seams prior to washing, to reduce the chance of fraying/unravelling.
I cut the fabric with my rotary cutter, which is my preferred cutting method, and straight after overlocked the edges to prevent the above mentioned unravelling. 
The Pattern
The Victoria Blazer has a casual laid back style with a generous amount of ease. My measurements were between sizes, because of the ease I decided to cut out the smaller size. I used the pdf pattern and made Version 1, the pdf is only 28 pages and came together quick.   
The pattern came together as expected and the instructions were easy to follow, By Hand London also have a sew along for the Victoria Blazer which I found definitely added to the instructions in the pattern, so if your finding anything tricky to understand check it out. 
Due to the weave of the fabric it was difficult to mark on the notches and darts. Normally I would mark notches by snipping the fabric but any snips would get lost in the fabric so I didn't use them. For the darts I used tailors tacks, and pins to mark the dart prior to sewing. There are 'TIPS' in the instructions which make sewing the fiddly bits easier. 
For the lining I used a cotton from my stash as suggested. 
It has pockets! 
Yes, the jacket has pockets which are straight forward to add. I decided to under stitch my pocket lining to ensure it stayed in place. 
The Blazer has some other features I really like too, I love the look of the collar.
And the sleeve cuff turn ups. 
On the sleeve turn ups the instructions just say to press the cuff up and it will lie perfectly turned up, however because the fabric is heavier than the recommended fabrics I found the cuff did not stay neatly turned up as I would like so I hand stitched it in place, and I'm happy with this result.
One more thing to mention, although I had pre overlocked all the edges prior to sewing, I also overlocked the seams together just for extra strength once stitched. 
The Fit 
Once finished I was initially unsure if it was 'me' or not, but having taken photos and worn it about I like it, its defiantly growing on me. I am happy with the fit and I made the right decision to size down. I now just have to make up all my navy fabric to make some outfits to match my new Blazer. 
I enjoyed sewing with the fabric and as long as you finish your edges and seams as soon as you cut it out you shouldn't have any problems. It has a good drape and is easy to sew and I love the colour. My first time sewing a jacket in tweed has been successful. 
Thanks for stopping by to read,
Rebbecas Stitches

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