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Caftan Dress With Hidden Button Placket

I had kind of an intervention the other day. “You don´t have to sew every chance you get”. I just couldn´t believe what was being told to me, since I don´t feel I sew enough! The more time I spend on sewing, the deeper I get drawn into the sewing bubble where there is no time and space. Sewing is really my passion and during some periods, it’s all I can think of. In fact, I even dreamt of this caftan, and I got an idea to make it a more versatile garment.

Some fabrics just call out to me what they want to be, and this lovely red Georgette Fabric with white floral print, screamed to be a caftan. I had a moment of uncertainty where I considered making a skirt of it, but I chose to follow its wish and fulfil its demand.

So, it was decided in an early state what to make of the fabric, but some nights later, I dreamt of a red flowy dress with a tie belt. When I woke up, I realised I can make a button placket in the front and use it as both a caftan and a dress, depending on the mood. The search for a caftan pattern with button placket began!

Scrolling through the internet I finally decided to go for an indie pattern maker, available on pdf. I simply couldn’t find a pattern with button placket, so I realised I had to add it myself. The pattern I used was Eastern Wind from Sewing Heart Design. The pattern is a bat sleeved basic pattern with different options: robe, tunic and kimono.

However, sewing buttonholes in this sheer fabric felt like a big obstacle. Even though I have a sewing machine that does the work perfectly, I couldn’t depend on my skills to make them straight and decorative. So, it took another week (and many useless dreams) to figure out I could do a hidden button placket. Nobody knows what is hidden under there!

I must admit it was not an easy task to do this hidden button placket. It would have been wiser to practice on steady cotton instead. It was difficult to cut straight and fold evenly. But if I walk fast and smile, nobody will notice. Nevertheless, I am enriched by additional Youtube research and can check it off my “sewing bucket list”.

The fabric is lightweight and has a lot of drape to it and a slightly crinkly crepe texture. The fabric has a bouncy flowing look, not that sheer that it´s translucent, but it gives away a hint of what´s underneath. It´s pretty slippery to work with, but it´s pressable with the iron on middle temperature, so it´s possible to correct small mistakes by steaming it.

I made French seams inside to make a neat finish. The inside is what makes us smile when we throw it on, and you never know who will stick their head under there!

I am pleased to have made the extra effort with the hidden placket and that I have made a very versatile garment. This will be used for many occasions.

On the beach to cover up (for the ones that bath in the reeds, and are just supporting the body positivity movement theoretically).

With a slip underneath, worn as a dress.

With simple basics – jeans and tank top.

In the end, and by looking at the pictures, I think I did a rather decent job making a useful garment.

Totally worth the intervention and effort!

Fabric used: Lady Mcelroy Scarlet Cluster Polyester Georgette

Pattern used: Eastern Winds, Sewing Heart Design

Thank you so much for reading my first post and happy sewing!
Please check out my Instagram @are_made, you will see my obsession for dresses and fabrics. 

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Diane Warburton said:

I'm sure this won't be your last post. It made for a lovely read. I'm looking for a button up all the way dress too, hence this caught my attention. My skills won't let me make my own hidden packet though. placket · 15th Sep 2019 01:10pm