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Camelot Felt Packs Project Ideas by Sarah

These Felt Sheet packs contain 10 sheets of felt, all with different patterns. The packs I used were red, blue and black. The black pack was the Soft Felt Fabric, very much like a normal fabric. The red and blue packs were the Hard Felt Fabric. These sheets are more like card, but still go easily through the sewing machine.

There are endless ways to use these felt sheets. I choose to make an advent calendar to fill with treats.

I used the packs of hard felt as they are sturdier than the soft sheets and better for holding lots of treats. 

The soft felt sheets were perfect for making applique numbers for each advent calendar pocket. The appliqué numbers must be sewn onto each sheet before the pockets are made though. I ended up sewing nearly all my pockets together before realising I wanted to add numbers to the front! I did manage to make one numbered pocket though. I cut out a number one from a sheet of soft black and white felt and placed it about 3 inches from the top of a cut sheet of hard felt. I used embroidery thread in my machine and appliqued around the number. 

If you prefer, numbers can be attached later using fabric glue. Appliqueing small numbers with lots of corners and curves can be quite fiddly!

Once any numbers or images have been appliqued, you can move onto sewing the pockets. I folded each sheet in half, wrong sides together, to make a ‘pocket’. I left a 1 inch strip of felt at the top of each pocket for attaching to binding later.

As the stitches are visible on the outside of each pocket, I chose one of the blanket stitches on my machine. The embroidery thread I used is from a Gutermann Sulky Machine Embroidery cotton set. It is a lovely multi coloured green and perfect for any stitches you have on show. 

I made 24 pockets in total for my advent calendar.

Once all the pockets were sewn up, I laid them out in rows of 4 and sewed a strip of bias binding across the top of all 4 pockets. 

I left about a 1 inch gap between each pocket. 

I did this for all pockets until I had 6 sets of 4.

Once I had my 6 rows of 4, I sewed them together using bias binding on each side, making a large rectangle, again leaving around a 1 inch gap between each row. I also sewed a strip of bias binding down the middle. This extra strip helps to stop the calendar from ‘sagging’ when it’s hung up. 

The advent calendar itself is quite large but hangs perfectly on the back of an interior door. I hung mine on over door coat hooks. Just make sure it is sturdy as the calendar can get quite heavy when filled with lots of treats!

I really enjoyed working with these felt packs. They are so easy to use and all you need is your imagination as they are so versatile. I highly recommend them.  

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