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Chalk and Notch Waterfall Raglan by Chloe

When Minerva Crafts sent me this beautiful paisley Stretch Lace Fabric to review, my mind immediately went to an imaginary spring wedding with handmade decor and frilly flower girl dresses. Although I have no real wedding to go to, my everyday sewing projects could definitely
use a little bit of springy lift!

The lace fabric comes in ivory and black. It is a medium weight with good stretch and recovery. I love all things paisley but sometimes it can look a little dated - not this one though, which has a fresh and modern vibe. I think it would be lovely as accent on lingerie pieces. However the paisley pattern has a rich raised texture, so if you prefer your undies smooth it's something to keep in mind.

For a while I've been stalking the versatile waterfall raglan pattern by Chalk and Notch. I especially love the colour blocked versions popping up everywhere but couldn't decide on a combo. Adding the lace as an overlay on the front bodice piece makes it a no-brainer! I tried the lace on some knit fabrics in stash and decided on a silver grey viscose jersey.

The project went smoothly. As with all Chalk and Notch patterns, it's a joy to sail through the beautifully illustrated instructions. I made the top version for girls in size 5 and the fit is spot on. The only mod I did was to shorten the sleeves by an inch. A word on the pattern - I love that Gabriela gave two different neckband lengths for knit fabrics with various stretch percentages. I used the one with a higher percentage, which yielded a perfect neckline.

As for the construction, one advice I would give is for cutting the bodice overlay piece. I laid the lace on top of the jersey and cut both layers together as one. Because both fabrics are stretchy and could shift, this ensures they are exactly the same. After that I just treated the two layers as one in the whole sewing process. I didn't baste the two layers together, since the paisley lace has enough texture and "grips" to the jersey naturally. The Clover Wonder Clips also came in handy in keeping all the layers together while sewing the overlaid pieces.

I sewed the whole garment on my serger but you could easily use a regular sewing machine as both the jersey and lace don't unravel. In fact, I left the hem raw for a better drape on the flounce.

The end result is a delight! The paisley lace adds just the right touch of girly charm to a comfortable everyday top. The overlay also lends a little more structure to the otherwise very drapey viscose jersey and I really like this silhouette. The moment daughter put it on she was all twirls and declared it's comfy as pajamas. Of all my makes for her this is definitely her favourite. I can see more of this lace in future projects for sure. Thank you Minerva for a lovely Fabric!

Now off to make an adult version for myself ;-) Until next time...
Chloe @noidlehands and my Blog

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