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Charleston Dress by Hey June Patterns


Do you use the same pattern over and over again, or just once? I know there are so many new patterns I would like to try and my wishlist never stops growing but, some patterns need to be made more than once. That is the case with this pattern! The first time I used this pattern was three years ago (time does fly!) and I did wear it so much that a new one was needed.

The pattern is the Charleston Dress by Hey June Patterns. This pattern has so many options and is so versatile that you can obtain different looks for different occasions. Nonetheless, I really wanted a replacement for my old one so, I went with the same options.

I made a size XS based on my bust and waist measurements. I am between sizes for my hip measurements and as I had done previously, I went with the XS because the fabric is knit. However, looking at the pictures now, I think I should have graded to a bigger size at the hips. I believe this is due to the nature of the fabric. This pattern recommends (and I agree with it) a stable knit and it might be the case this is more stable than the one I used previously. I don’t think it looks bad anyway and it sure is comfortable to wear, nonetheless it is something to keep in mind.

This pattern has two skirt options and I opted for view A, an a-line skirt with pockets and front pleats, as it’s more casual and perfect for everyday use. For the sleeves, there are seven options available however, I have a preference for ruffles so, ruffles it was.

The only change I made to the pattern was to omit the zipper in the back. To be honest, the zipper is only for decorative purpose and I wanted something simpler. I just took the seam allowance from the back bodice and back skirt pattern pieces and cut the fabric on the fold. I made no changes to the neckband pattern piece, just attached as per the instructions with exception of the centre back, evidently.

As mentioned before, the pattern recommends heavier, stable knits such as ponte so, when I saw this Ponte Roma Knit Fabric my thoughts went straight to this pattern. Bonus points for having mainly viscose (70%) in its compositions! I had some hard time choosing the colour I must say, as there are quite a few available and so many looked lovely but, ended up choosing Jeans Blue.

The fabric worked wonderfully for this project. It is soft and comfortable to wear, with a nice touch but still is stable as recommended. As you can see, the top stitched pocket seams aren’t wonky and lay nicely. However, I also used a walking foot, as per instructions.

I am honestly pleased with how this dress turned out and I am sure I will wear it quite a lot as it makes me feel well dressed yet very comfortable.

Many thanks Minerva for the lovely fabric for this project and to you for reading.

Happy sewing,

Maria x

A Pinch of Sewing

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