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Cheery Cherry Blossoms

It may still be approximately one million degrees here in New Orleans, but this turquoise cherry blossom print Cotton Fabric was just BEGGING to be a made into a beautiful trench!!! 
Since this was my first foray into trenchcoat territory, I wanted to keep it achievable. Enter Butterick B5966!!! This pattern is designated as Easy which is sweet sewing music to my ears! It comes in separate cup sizes as well as a detachable belt which helps define the waist, further emphasizing the adorable swing shape of the pattern. The femininity of this shape is utterly DIVINE, and the fact that it can be accomplished without requiring couturier level sewing skills? WINNING!!!!
I’m also thrilled beyond belief to have found a trenchcoat pattern that lends itself to non-outerwear fabrics, like this gorgeous cotton print! I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a floral trench for quite a long while but could never quite find the right pattern/fabric combo. When I laid eyes on this cotton cherry blossom fabric, the elegance and charm of it felt like it would be incredible to throw on during a gloomy chilly day (not that there will be many of those in New Orleans for a while….) and I knew that I would have to take the plunge!!!!
The fabric is so easy to work with as is the pattern. The construction of the jacket was incredibly straightforward; because of the fit and flare design paired with the belt, the pattern pieces for the body didn’t require any modifications, which is always a relief for my lazy sewing self (heeeee……) The most challenging part of the construction involved deciphering the instructions when it came to arranging the right front fly and facing. The buttonholes are hidden underneath the right front fly which is an interesting design detail I’ve never tackled before. It creates a much smoother effect along the chest when buttoned up and I’m a little enchanted by the idea of having this secret tab along the coat! It also looks delightful unbuttoned since the front facing gives the illusion of having a collar in traditional trenchcoat style. 
The pattern required me to play with shoulder pad placement for the first time as well! Shoulder pads are one of those things that always feels dangerously dated but also necessary in a jacket, particularly one that is more lightweight. I’m so happy that I chose not to omit them here because otherwise the jacket would have read more as a dress, and while I’m not opposed to having this fabric in a gorgeous fit and flare dress, I really wanted a layering piece that can keep me cute when the colder weather finally comes through.
I grappled with the idea of a fabric that reads more like a “spring” fabric used and worn in a non-spring month. However, I feel like the fashion rules are more forgiving now when one is wearing “out of season” fabrics (except for maybe wool in summer! Lol….) I personally love the idea of injecting the energy and hope of a fabric that evokes spring into a fall wardrobe. Why should spring get all the pastel and floral love?!!! I think layering “out of season” prints makes things look fresh (no pun intended!) The unexpected appearance of a flower when the leaves are changing creates a beautiful cognitive dissonance in my opinion. So don’t feel limited if you come across a gorgeous floral print; grab it, layer it, and bask in the results! 
Thanks for reading,
Molly @giggle_maker

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