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Cheyenne Tunic in Chambray

I am partial to a good Chambray Fabric (remember this version of the Bettine?). The look of a denim but lightweight to sew and wear? What's not to like? 
I had planned on making the Cheyenne Tunic when I first fell pregnant, thinking that its casual, loose fitting shape would be perfect for my growing belly. As I type this, I am keeping an eye on my 8.5-month old, just about crawling, baby, needless to say that my original idea didn't quite go to plan! 
And it was worth the wait. The perfect fabric came along, and I absolutely love my new tunic. 
This was my first experience with Hey June Handmade, and I was thoroughly impressed by the pattern and instructions. The pattern is packed full of nice little details and the instructions did a great job taking you through each step. 
The sew-along was also one of the best that I've seen and I learned quite a few things, which satisfied the technical geek in me. Spoiler alert - get yourself an edgestitching foot! You won't regret it. Honestly, I have no idea how I've managed without one for so long, and one would've come in especially handy for all the topstitching that I eyeballed on my Robson Trench.
But I digress. Ordinarily I would've placed this pattern as at least intermediate level but I think the sew-along makes this accessible to the advanced beginner who is looking for something more, or even the beginner who really wants to be thrown into the deep end. 
I made view B with 3/4 sleeves, in size XS. The instructions tell you clearly which pages to print and the PDF layers made things even easier. Since I'm only a petite 5'3, I chopped 2 inches off both the bodice and sleeve length at the lengthen/shorten line. No other alterations were needed and I love how it fits! 
The fabric was lovely to work with and somehow I feel like a cool, chic artist (not a feeling I get often!) wearing it. I used a 80/14 universal needle and it did the trick beautifully. For View B, I could also imagine the tunic in a viscose/rayon for a more summery, holiday, vibe; for View A, perhaps a flannel/brushed cotton could make a nice autumnal shirt. 
Although the front placket was a bit fiddly, it turned out beautifully. Look at the edgestitching and those neat buttonholes. 
And see what I mean about the nice details? I cut the pockets on the bias and look at the stitching on them. How professional doe they look? 
Not enough? We have French seams on the inside. Swoon. 
I know I missed my original plan by a year and a half but I can totally see myself in this all the time! Easy to dress up or down and plenty of room for a 3-course meal! Dare I say, the perfect tunic pattern? 
Thanks for reading. Alice from Queen of Darts

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