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Chicken Print Tote Bag

Hi Peeps, I hope that you are all well.

For this month’s blog post I chose some super cool chicken print Canvas Fabric for a bag project. 

As I’m a novice sewer, I like the fact that I can try new fabrics and see how they work out for me. Canvas fabric is strong and sturdy which I love this as it would be ideal for the bag’s I’m making with it. I did have trouble sewing with it as I sewed too close to the edge, so I didn’t catch all the fabric and had to unpick and try again. It also frayed a bit, which I wasn’t expecting but not excessively.

This was my second attempt at making a tote bag as the first one I made with my pyjama fabric I got for the last blog post but the handles turned out wrong way, but this time it was all good. I decided to box out the bottom to allow extra space for food, I still need to practice this as they are a bit uneven. I also noticed that I need a much stronger fabric for the lining as the cotton I chose isn’t strong enough, but I’m learning all the time and you only get better with practice.

My edge stitching is improving and at least the handles turned out correctly this time. As I used a canvas fabric, I didn’t need to use interfacing for the handles as they were sturdy enough in themselves.

The pattern that I used was a free Craftsy class by Kristin Link called: bag making basics and followed her instructions. I do love this class as it’s easy to follow and I can make lots of great bags!

I never have enough bags when I’m food shopping and I wanted to make one and not use plastic ones as I’m trying to be eco-friendly and as this fabric is quite sturdy, it’s ideal for carrying food shopping in. I made two, just for practice, and gave the other one to my mom and she loves it.

Using the same fabric, I also made a cross body bag that will hold my phone and keys when I go for my walks in the park. It gave me a lot of problems whilst making it and it hasn’t turned out as I thought it would. I’d got a great chocolate brown canvas strap and some fabulous swivel clasps that would make a great strap, but I didn’t realise until after the bag was made that it would also need some D rings to hold it in place. But not to worry, I just made a different strap and will use the other items for my next bag.

Thanks for reading!


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