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Christmas Door Hanging

My inspiration for this project came from a quilt pattern that I picked up at a quilt show back in 2012.  Back then, I wanted to make the whole quilt, but as time went on I started thinking more about making a door or wall hanging using the wreath block from the pattern.  Making a wall or door hanging seemed much more achievable than making the whole quilt.  When I had seen the beautiful red and green holly Christmas Fabric, I knew it was going to be the perfect pairing for the vision that I had.  Both fabrics are rich in color, with gold hollies.   

I used the wreath block as a guide and inspiration, but I essentially really just did my own thing.  I’ll provide all of the measurements and steps in case you want to create one yourself.

For this project, I used 3 colors of fabric; white, red and green.  You will need fabric for the main piece (white), a border (red), binding (green) and the backing (red).  You will need 2 sided fusible for applique and quilt batting or in this case I used fusible fleece.  I also used ¼ seam allowance on all seams. 

Pieces to cut:

Main (white) 15.5 x 15.5

2 borders (red) at 2.5 x 16

2 borders (red) at 2.5 x 20

Binding (green) 2.25 x 91 (roughly the perimeter of the whole project)

Backing (red) 21 x 21

Hanging fabric (green) 4.5 x 4.5

First, I embroidered “Merry Christmas” using my Singer sewing machine on to the white fabric.  I purchased this design from Embroidery Library.  I made sure I left enough room on either end to cut out the 15.5 x 15.5 square.  Once the embroidery was done, I centered the embroidery and cut the 15.5 x 15.5 square.

I then applied the fusible web for the applique of the green hollies, I followed the instructions that came with the fusible web.  I traced the hollies on the back of the fusible web and then cut them all out.  The pattern came with 3 sizes of hollies; small, medium and large.  I used all 3 sizes on my wreath.  Once the hollies were all cut out, I laid the hollies in the wreath shape to ensure that I had enough hollies for the size of the wreath that I wanted to create around the embroidered “Merry Christmas” 

Next, I cut the two red borders and sewed them to the white square using a ¼ seam allowance.  I pressed the seams towards the darker colored fabric, in this case I pressed the seams towards the red borders. 

After that, I cut the backing (red) piece 21 x 21 to ensure there was extra in case of movement.  I then fused the fusible fleece to the quilt top and then sandwiched the top with the fusible fleece in the middle to the backing on the bottom using quilting pins to hold all 3 layers in place.  At this point you can decide on which ever design you would like to quilt.  I decided to stitch in the ditch along the red border seams. 

Once the quilt has been sandwiched together and quilted, it is now time to make the binding that will go around the perimeter of the entire quilt.  I used a tutorial from years ago by the “Crafty Gemini”.  You will need to measure the perimeter of your quilt and cut stripes for the binding and attach them all together so that you have 1 long piece.  My binding piece measured to be 91 inches long by 2 ¼  inches wide.

I started to attach the binding to one of the sides of the quilt, when I got to the top of the quilt, I cut out 2 squares that were 4.5 x 4.5 inches to create a piece for the quilt to hang on.  I then folded the pieces along the diagonal to form a triangle for both of the top corners of the quilt.  You will then place your triangles on the back top corners of your quilt. 

Some machine stitch the binding, while others hand stitch.  What I did was, I first machine stitched the binding on the front of the quilt, I then folded the binding over to the back of the quilt and I hand stitched the binding in place

Once the binding is complete, you can either hang your quilt from a dowel that will then be inserted in the 2 triangles, or else you can tie a piece of ribbon to the dowel and hang the quilt from the ribbon.  I have shown the 2 ways to hang your quilt. 

Thank you Minerva for the great opportunity to work with this beautiful Christmas fabric.  Definitely check out this fabric as I can see making beautiful Christmas stockings or even a tree skirt with it!  I usually sew garments so this was a nice project for a break away from the dressmaking projects.  Thank you for reading!

Kris aka Sew Notes

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