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Christmas Gift Bags From Canvas Fabric

Feeling ready to take on Christmas early enough this year? Want to make something that would last more than just one Christmas? I have an excellent option for you - reusable gift bags made from canvas fabric! I chose two heart printed canvas fabrics - one with large hearts and one with small hearts. These are both gorgeous!

Minerva has many canvas fabrics which are made from cotton and polyester. This composition makes the fabric durable and easy to maintain. I like that the canvas is a bit stiff but still moldable. When you press the seams down the cotton part of this fabric makes them stay down. Thanks to polyester this canvas creases less. I think I'm going to make my next fabric shopping bags from canvas fabric too as it's perfect for these purposes.

My plan was to make 3 gift bags from the large heart print canvas and 4 gift bags with the small heart print canvas. I had 1 m of each fabric and as this is a directional print (I didn't want to have the hearts upside down), I figured out my cutting plan. I added some ribbons or bias tape to make the channel for drawstrings. First I sewed up the sides and the bottom of the bags, then added the channel and after that I finished the top edge of the bag by turning it inside twice. I thought about adding some lace or merry xmas ribbons but this fabric was busy enough and didn't need anything else to it's side. I used string stoppers and if I want I can tie a bow from the strings too. I'll attach the nametags to ribbons when I decide which ones to make. Paper and I just don't work well together, I love fabrics way too much.

I found two brown shoelaces and used these as strings for two bags. These don't need any cord ends and don't fray. And shoelaces are meant to be pulled and be durable so these do their work very well. I think it's a great alternative if you happen to have some that don't fit any of your shoes.

I made one of the bags with two channels and I put two strings in it. If I want to close it, I just pull the strings from the both sides and the bag closes. Bags like this need double amount of string and two stoppers and four cord ends. I don't think this is necessarily a better way to make gift bags but it's great to have different options. In the end all the bags can be closed tightly enough and all the gifts can be safe inside.

This year I'll be nicely prepared for Christmas! I'm making several more gift bags, I have plans to make some of the gifts to put in them and I already know that most of the Lego's my two sons and two nephews are going to get fit nicely into these bags. We have the tradition in my family to reuse the gift bags (even the paper ones) and I hope that these canvas bags carry a lot of joy over years to come. I'm certain to remind my brothers and their wives to put the gift bags safely away until the next Christmas.

I hope I inspired you to make some of your own gift bags from fabric. And don't fear to reuse them! Happy sewing!

Kadri @kadri_kivistik

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