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Christmas Plaid

There’s some things that go hand in hand. Plaid and Christmas are one of those for me. I had plans for this woven plaid to become a Christmas dress for me. When I received it, the weight was heavier than I expected. I was concerned it would be too heavy of a dress. In hind sight, a circle skirt would have been a great choice for an apparel item with this fabric. I basically ended up making that but instead of for myself, it’s for my faux Christmas tree! 

To create my full circle tree skirt, I used a circle skirt pattern as my base. There are many circle skirt calculators online that you can use to figure out how best to cut it. I cut it on the double fold so I could get a full skirt but you can also do a single fold. I was able to make the circle 29” wide on the double fold. I used a white chaco liner to draw the circle skirt shape onto my fabric.

I still needed to cut a hole for around the tree which would normally be a waistband. For a standard circle skirt, the calculator will give you a center circumference to cut. Since I was working with a faux free, the base is very small. That’s part of the reason that a standard Christmas tree skirt wouldn’t work well for our tree.

Now that I have a full circle skirt with a center cut, I needed to create a way to get the skirt on the tree. To do this, I cut a straight line from the center to the edge. At this point I finished the inner and outer edges with a rolled hem. I chose to do this on my serger because quite honestly, I’ve only used this feature once before. I followed my sergers instructions on how to convert it to a rolled hem and changed my thread to a red that coordinates the fabric. I tested the rolled hem on a scrap piece of fabric to figure out which density was best and provided the right coverage I was looking for. Then I slowly added the rolled hem to the outer and inner edge from one cut to the other. 

Next, I created a placket. For the placket, I attached 1” wide fusible interfacing to the wrong side of both sides of the cut. Then turn both side over 1” and topstitch in place. I chose to use antique bronze snaps as a closure for this seam. You could also use buttons or ties if that’s your preference.

Once I was finished with my new Christmas tree skirt though, I was in the holiday spirit. I had just enough scraps left for a stocking too. I’ve used the Peek-a-boo patterns free stocking pattern before so it came to mind right away. My sister-in-law spends every Christmas with us and unfortunately has had a generic stocking for the last 5 years. This year that’s not going to be case!

I cut out the stocking with using the same fabric for lining also. I have a Silhouette Cameo so I used that along with gold vinyl to cut out my sister-in-laws name. Then I adhered it using a heat press. 

I love how the gold ties to the antique bronze snaps snaps on the tree skirt. I also love that my sister-in-law will be included this year with her own personalized stocking for the holidays. 

Katie @gabeandzach

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