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Cloudy With a Chance of Rain

Cloudy with a chance of rain is probably the most accurate description of the weather in London. Within a week’s time we went from summer in Greece to winter is coming, or is rather here. So from all the previous lovely days, I only made it to taking photos for this post the coldest and the darkest. 

My fabric for this time was a gorgeous cut out Scuba Fabric. I have a slight obsession with everything cut out, as they create a vey unique effect. Of course, I also love anything scuba as it is a great fabric to sew with. To showcase the fabric, I chose a very simple pattern, the Clemence Skirt from Tilly’s first book, Love at First Stitch.

The fabric except for the cut out has a nice texture and surprisingly more stretch than I was expecting. I also thought that it would be hard to gather but again it surprised me pleasantly as it was a very smooth process and I think the result is much better than  some of my previous attempts. You can, however, see that as this is a scuba fabric, this treatment adds some extra bulk around the waist, more than you would normally get with a lighter fabric. 

The presence of the cut outs in combination with the fact that this makes the fabric in essence see-through, hence one would need to line it in order to interface it, resulted in a much stretchier waistband. The weight of the fabric also kept pulling down the skirt, so it would sit lower than my natural waist, which I didn't particularly like. 

To solve the problem of the waistband I used the wonderful selvedge (very hard to resist not using it) for that purpose. The selvedge is quite wide, which makes it perfect for the job and has the same texture but lacks the same amount of stretch as the main fabric.

Needless to say that there is absolutely no fraying, so I only trimmed the seam allowance on the skirt and left the edges raw.

Of course the fabric isn't indestructible and you can see that some fraying does take place, but ony after the same piece had been unpicked about four times in a raw.

I did all the sewing on the sewing machine using a stretch needle but treating the fabric as a woven, so not using zig-zag stitch. The invisible zipper was not very difficult to insert either and it is almost perfect, haha. 

Anyone who has ever read my blog knows that I like matching items and that I am a big fan of stashbusting projects. As I had a bit of fabric left from the 1.5m that Vicki at Minerva kindly sent me, I carried on with the creative process of combining the scuba fabric with a remnant from a very old previous project. This time I made a top, using again the simple but simply amazing Basic Instict t-shirt. This is the perfect fabric to make a garment more interesting and fun.

This time I sewed the t-shirt on the overlocker and I am very pleased to report that the fabric coped extremely well with that treatment too. Although, you can see some stretching in the picture this is mostly due to the fact that the cut outs create a bit of instability, where there is no or very little fabric.

For the neck band, I used again the selvedge, which I have to say is as good as the fabric.

I have left both the skirt and the sleeves of the t-shirt unhemmed as hemming wouldn't work on this fabric and hurrah there is no need for it, as there is no need for ironing either. 

The skirt is unlined on purpose, as if you have different coloured slip skirts you can play with the colour popping from the cut-outs. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to finish the one I was making, so I am wearing a black one I already had.

Thank you for reading and hopefully by the time you reach this line, we will all have thrown away our umbrellas, unless of course they are parasols.

Vasiliki @ Delightfully Peculiar

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