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CocoWawa Crafts Honeycomb Shirt

Hello everyone!!

I am super excited to be joining the Minerva Maker team. I’ve wanted to be part of the team for a long time, but family life has meant that my sewing time was inconsistent and always rushed. So I am excited to get some lovely selfish sewing and blogging time now that the baby isn’t so small anymore (although that makes me really sad too!)!

For my first make I knew that I wanted to make a breastfeeding friendly shirt, as I have been wearing the same few shirts for months now. I went in search of a pattern first and took inspiration from Instagram, and finally chose the CocoWawa Crafts Honeycomb shirt. I really liked the peplum bottom to the shirt and the adorable bows on both sides. I also thought the bows could really help as my weight is so up and down at the moment.

Based off what the pattern suggests for the honeycomb shirt I chose the gorgeous black, ivory and gold Viscose Challis Fabric. When the fabric arrived I fell in love with it even more! It has stunning gold vertical lines which shimmer in the sunlight and are even nicer in the final garment…

I’ve actually never used viscose challis before, so I was a little apprehensive about how this would go, especially as it’s my first team make!!

The fabric was slippery when handling it, and I did find it easier to iron it between cutting each pattern piece so that I knew that each piece was as accurate as I could be. With hindsight I think it would have also been easier to use pattern weights and a rotatory cutter rather than pinning each pattern piece. That being said, I did find the fabric quite forgiving. I made a big mistake when making the buttonholes for the shirt, and I was really anxious having to undo the wrong button hole, but the fabric looked like nothing bad had even happened and I really don’t think you can see where I went wrong. Phew!

Overall I really enjoyed sewing this shirt, and it actually involved a lot of techniques that I have either been avoiding (buttonholes… oops) or ones that I have never had the opportunity to try before (like the burrito method! Oh wow, how satisfying!).

For the honeycomb shirt I made a size 6, based on comparing the body measurements and finished garment sizes. I made a few alterations, including taking in a large portion under the arms (as shown in the photo), and not hemming the garment with as big a hem as the pattern suggests (I did half the hem width).

I also put the top button just above the top of my bra, rather than the buttons going all the way up to the collar and also on the collar, as I knew I wouldn’t even do those higher buttons up.

Photos were taken on a lovely family day out at Ascott House in Buckinghamshire! What a beautiful back drop! And thanks to my Dad for putting up with me asking for another picture, and another and another!!

The shirt itself is a looser fit than I would normally wear, but I did feel really lovely wearing it and the looser fit is maybe better in this heat wave. I do think that I would make a size 5 next time though.

So my summery…

The fabric I chose is stunning! I was really anxious before getting started as I didn’t want to ruin my first make for Minerva, but I am so pleased I pushed myself to do it.

I love the gold details in the fabric and definitely makes the overall shirt feel more special. I would definitely say that this fabric deserves time being taken on it, especially as those vertical lines can very easily show if pattern pieces aren’t cut quite straight.

Finally, I love this pattern! I doesn’t make me feel like just a breastfeeding mum and I will definitely still wear it once I am no longer feeding. Next time I would go down a size though, and I have also seen people adding a ruffle between the front bodice pieces which I think look really sweet!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to showing you all my next make!

Love, Abigail x


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Abigail Norton said:

Thank you so much Cathy/Mum!! I really think you should make it. Lovely simple sew too. · 25th Nov 2019 08:41am

Cathy Norton said:

Brilliant first blog. Lovely photos that showed off your top really well. Might make one myself now! · 22nd Sep 2019 08:46pm

Cathy Norton said:

Brilliant first blog. Lovely photos that showed off your top really well. Might make one myself now! · 22nd Sep 2019 08:46pm