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Colour Coordinated Baby Gifts

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful time crafting since last time we spoke. This time I'm showing you something new that I have been working on. I have never worked with fat quarters before, but the piece is perfect to make small items so I wanted to make something for my newly born niece.
I received this box of Colour Coordinated Fabrics, 10 fat quarters in total. It is a Color Master box from Art Gallery Fabrics in 100 % cotton, and I chose the colorway Coraline.
The one fabric that stood out at the beginning was the one with writings on it. I cut out the word “family” from the fabric, put a 17 cm embroidery hoop around the word and started embroider flowers to fill out the fabric. I used the Embroidery Threads I tested a last summer when I Embroided my Skirt and Shoes!
My intention was to make a negative space embroidery with an “O” in the middle, but I’m just glad the word stood out.
Four of the fat quarters became matching sets of burp cloths, bibs and pacifier straps.
To make these as absorbent and comfortable as possible I made it in three layers. I purchased terry waterproof cloth by the meter with a polyester layer. It was used as urine pads in children's beds to not ruin mattresses and it's easily washable.
Making the burp cloths and bibs was the same procedure with three layers. The first layer is the art gallery fabric, than a layer of an old towel that had gotten some bleach stains on it, and lastly a layer of the urine pad.
I drafted the pattern for the burp clothes myself, basically making a big maxi pad! But for the bibs I used the free Craftsy pattern from Charmed by Ashley. I really like the fact that everything's matches.
I had five different fat quarters left and decided to make my first quilt. I didn't use any patterns, but I saw some videos on youtube. I didn’t want to make them all squares, so I found a video on how to make half squares making it a bit more interesting. Before blocking the pieces I tried around with different patterns.
I ended up making the middle pattern all through the quilt. I just used a grey cotton colour fabric I had in my stash to make the quilt somewhat consistent.
The quilt ended up being smaller than what I participated, but it's fine for a baby.
After making all of this I still had some left over from the art gallery fabric box. I was suppose to make some nursing pads with the it, but time and the need of other materials stopped me.
It's amazing how much stuff one can get out of this little color master box. I'm so glad I could provide so much useful items for my sister and niece making their daily life a little bit easier.
Thanks for reading,
Sophie @

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