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Conquer A 'Scary' Drapey Fabric!

I learnt so much making this top and I made so many mistakes in the process I am very surprised that it is wearable...but wearable it is and actually I have worn it a lot, (it is perfect with jeans) so I suppose it is fate that stopped me throwing it out of the window.
So the Fabric is crazy drapey, completely liquid drape and light as a feather. It is available in all the best bright colours. It doesn't crease and didn't seem to fray.
It washed well and didn't shrink.
The crazy drapey though has to be paid for somewhere and I paid for it when cutting out! 
So learning point one - what I did...have a large wiskey and cut out using my shears and a lot of swear words. What I should have done is weights, cutting mat, rotary cutter and patience.
So setting off with my raggedy pattern pieces I blindley followed the pattern instructions.
Learning point 2 - a Muslin isn't just for fit it is also so that you understand the construction process and how you might tweak it to better suit your fabric and the way you like to work.
If I had done a Muslin to understand things I might have done french seams for this light weight fabric, so that the inside looked beautiful. As it is I overlocked the seams which looks OK as the fabric is completely opaque,  but French would have been lovely.
I would also have gathered the neck to the collar, rather than doing it in advance, just because that would have suited my way of working better and I might have got a neater finish on the gathering.
The pattern company is new to me but the design and instructions are amazing. They are a joy to follow with pictures of each step. The notches are all perfect and it comes together very easily.
I would perhaps remove the sleeve seam and use a shoulder dart next time. I got a lot of puckering on that seam and I'm not sure how to correct it.
It is such a comfortable top, the blousey feel and feather light fabric make me feel pretty fabulous. I love the dressy contrast to my denim.
I would like to try this pattern in something with more body too, perhaps a cotton lawn to see what it looks like with more structure. Also without sleeves would be a pretty easy hack for the summer.
I have my eyes on using some more of this crepe for the dress version of this pattern, maybe in yellow, maybe maxi length, so many options!!! Because of the drape it will work with boxy, oversize patterns without making me look huge!
I feel a lot more confident sewing with tricky fabrics having come through the learning process with this top and got something wearable and pretty gorgeous in the end.
Thanks for reading and I hope you give this crepe a go, it is so empowering to conquer a 'scary' drapey fabric!
Thanks for reading,
Kirstan @kirstsg

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